Thursday, February 22, 2018

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Blessing

It came out of the blue pink purple sky
like a window opened in heaven to let in fresh air
Sunbeams poured out like Gods eyes opening
maybe he was sleeping on his watch.
I think I chuckled at that
The idea of God nodding off.

God must have a great sense of humor
because why else would there be
dinosaur bones, platypus(es) and republicans?

There has been some descriptions of God
to which I can subscribe, based loosely
on my own experiences.
Like that song about Jesus on the bus
trying to make his way home,
And if he was a slob like one of us.
Or that homeless guy with a sign
that makes us feel so awful inside.

After reading the book Memnoch The Devil
by Anne Rice
it forever changed my thinking on Angels
Humans and God.
The cosmology of the plot is quite thought provoking.
I realize that makes me seem very suggestible. Perhaps I am.
I am a deep thinker, after all.

My blessing came that day when the gorgeous sky parted and
my mother waved at me from the open window as if to say don't be afraid.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

my bloody valentine

Muscle of love
 red flows within
    magical liquid
    giving a rhythm
  never a quiver  
the beat of life
goes on and on
   lub-dub dubbing along
     and the heart of the matter
       is the matter of the heart.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Funny things, sparks.
   things beginning
       Things ending
           Flare of light
              In the dark
              Flash of energy
                 Chemical reaction
                   A small bright point.
                     Romancing and wooing
                        A feeling of new love
                             Or old love anew
                                 Of sunlight on water
                          A still heart to flutter again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

La Luna



Bone white oracle in a sea of ink
hovers like a worried mother
over the blue jewel Earth;
a sapphire swirling in Nirvana
as if flung from the hand
of a careless goddess.

The sun's eyes open; hers close
she pulls the sea up to her chest
and dozes.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dogs and Furniture/ Furniture and Dogs and also Summer is Over In Memphis

I am at an odd place this late night. I find myself awake at 3 am quite frequently so that's not the oddity. Actually, the thing is,  I have gotten permission from my husband to look and shop for furniture. You see, his mom is coming to visit us soon, so she has to have a place to sit down. And the furniture that is in my house is on its last leg. You see, I have adopted these two really great and really big dogs..Tank and Savannah, and  they have finished destroying my old broken down furniture. It was pretty close to being beat up before Tank the 70 pound pit bull came here to live, but since he has taken the sofa as his bed, it's kind of a done deal. I guess that's my fault for allowing it, and I have no idea how to keep him from doing it on the NEW furniture. I have read some interesting suggestions however, such as placing a carpet runner mat on it upside down, so those spiky things on the bottom are on the top.
     Yes, I know most dogs get to sleep with their humans, but he knows nothing about doing the dog curl up, as he lays stretched out all four paws to the four corners all splayed out like a fainting goat and then there is the blanket tug of war. Pretty soon, he starts to growl, probably warning what ever dream dog that this is his dream yard and you best just move on. After that he starts to bark with his mouth closed,  and it is the weirdest thing when he does that, because he sounds like he is three blocks away and he is laying right here growling and barking with his mouth closed and his feet twitching. Funny old dog.

So back to the furniture. I have found out more about chairs tonight than I have ever wanted to know. I wanted to do some research so I would know what  I wanted and needed before ever setting foot in an actual store. Everyone knows a furniture salesman are worse than used car salesman. (Everyone but me, that is.) Mattresses salesment fall in that category too and are made worse by the fact that you don't get to buy furniture and mattresses that often because they are expensive. So if you don't get it right, too bad, you are stuck with it for at least 5 years, probably more. Here are some things I have learned about buying furniture.

All furniture isn't created equally. Some of it is made with particle board, wood foam and staples. No shit. Staples!! When someone around the weight of 40 sits down hard and you hear something snap, that is not a good sign. Those nail heads? They don't "do" anything. It's decoration. Most of that stuff is glued and stapled together and not nailed.I also learned the word, Leather Bonding. NOT bondage, bonDING. Look that one up.
Other words to look for-  words such as:
"frames are constructed with all solid kiln dried hardwoods"
 "reinforced with blocks"
"sinuous springing system"
"potential leather carnage "

The last one is strange, but true because animals are weirdly affected by leather and other animal hides. I am sure you can see why.

Recliners are in a league all by themselves as there are mechanisms and motion furniture, they have low leggers that support your whole leg to your ankles and high leggers that support your upper legs only. (WHY?) They have push back, push button and lever back kinds. You can pull a handle and it will slam into the back of your legs or you can ease yourself up with the push of a button in a power recliner. It boggles the mind!!
Then you have all the types of covering. I will spare you that. It just goes on and on. I never really paid attention to any of this before.
    During my explorations of chairs, I had one thing in the back of my mind. My own, and others in my tribe's girth and heft.  Most all of the chairs were not as wide as they appeared. I was looking at one that looked like it would accommodate Sasquatch, and it was only  18 inches across the seat. That wouldn't work out around here, i can tell you that without even getting a tape measure out. Some are larger than others and we don't want anyone to be uncomfy. Ya know whadda mean?

So the chairs. I am going to have to get some chairs for our "Entertainment room" also known as "TV room" or "In there". And then, perhaps I can have a sofa for the Parlor, Sitting room or more recently called a Living room. My own mother had a Parlor and no one was allowed to sit on the furniture. Ever.

Ok. Now I need some help from my friends out there in SlobbsBlogg- Land. (Is there anyone still out there? )

Please tell me how to keep my dogs off the future new furniture. All suggestions will be seriously considered.
Waiting to hear from you .......I have been missing my blog....and all of my readers who make me happy.
The Old SlobbBlogger.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back again

Hello from the old Slobblogger out here in Elvisland. I have revived the Slobblogg, given it CPR and a good dusting off. It seems like it is pretty much like I left it almost 2 years ago. I have gotten a little older and alot more bolder, or is it alot LESS bolder. As some old Rock N Roller used to say. Slobb blog never forgets.

I am back here now, back in the land of blogs and words after a long hiatus. I have been blocked, blacked out, constipated, dried up like a cow chip with words spaced out and rare, any inspiration, like a rolling tumbleweed in the desert of a flat line brain. Im broken and lost and wonder if I am truly mad? I despise my loathing and despair. All my other life gay and happy, this is a thin aired existence, giving no energy nor requiring any. The constant companion, pain, now arises from my hips and lights up the knee and ankle, and the hands and fingers are like pain antennae, tracking any high barometric pressure in the area. Its alarming to realize not only do I not want to add exercise to my life, but I am unable to. Walking half a block and having to turn around and rest several times raised a warning flag of burning pain in my hips and groin. Should I even mention the shortness of breath and alarming weight gain? I see to be unable to stop the train headed my way. Maybe I want to get hit by it. I guess I wonder what its like, but then I realize what I just wondered about and get wary of my thoughts.
Death by self neglect. I gotta take a nap now.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Once upon a setting Sun

Once upon a beach of the Eastern shore waves gently stroke the land
and seabirds fuss over spots to squat and warm the new lain eggs.
Grains of sand gritty between toes warmed by the setting Sun
sinking slow, a pastel light show with lavender and magenta
and blackbirds are flung across the pink canvas of heavens gate.
A last golden flash radiates the horizon and slowly stars appear-
Luna shows her radiant face glancing briefly at her fleeting love;
as together they will never share the sky.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soul Frost Between Samhain and Solstice

Breathing in shards of glass, air so sharp it cuts
 the lungs and rakes the nose raw-
lips red, raggedy, whipped by the wind.
Heat and light flowing from the fire
warms the body, but leaves the soul chilled
the coolness winds around my legs
and, like old ghosts at my feet
coldness settles in the bones
In November, O Sol sets much too early.
The wintery twins Woe and Dysphoria
pull me down and sit on me-
I try to leave them home
where they belong-
but they follow me

Looking down now, my hands
this year, they are
like my mother's hands
dry and cold and
slippery with wear,
i hold them out to the fire
as a kind of offering.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lament of Apathy

O blubbersuit!
rounding rotund
in astonishing
O plump pumpkin!
direct cause
and affect effect
of voracious feasting,
sweet tooth
and sloth-
O mindless indulgences!
Generous helpings
of pinguid pizza,
buttery buns,
chunky chocolate
confections mask
insecurity and sadness;
the sin of gluttony
and excess-
O unctuous edibles
alas, brains devolve-
and the walking dead
inherit the earth.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disquietly discordant depressed deranged arrangement of morbid thoughts

melted molten melancholy melding mouldering marauder
apathy assassin angst allure assure adore abhor amore
aging asking making taking lying scheming screams
unseen invisible transparent see-thru ghostlyeerie
unseeing blind unkind myopic microscopic
dumb daft dim obtuse callous sarcastic
denied demoralized disrespected
numb deadening leaden weight
sleepy drowsy lethargy coma
insomniac sleep walker apneic
despot maniac narcissist egotist
desperate hungry hurting bleeding
ploting plans scheming scammming
falling crawling shrinking disappearing

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

an unraveling

 a wicker woman
woven tightly into a shape, a form
work of weather and worn down flesh
felting all together texture and temper
down and wool marry,
 and a loose end waving
craving notice and freed,
taken apart and reshaped-
reworked, reraveled.


Evolved erectly upright
never contrite
always forthright
seemingly not so bright
superior to lesser things
inferior to greater beings
wishing for wings
higher order genes
 heavy footprint

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

running away weather

Another season comes chilly
sullen morning air
freezing at your mouth
like frosting on your lips
Tastes like running away weather.
backdrop colored in
orange and gold and red;
a blinding autumn sun
low on the horizon.
Feels like running away weather
it seems like the end of something
or maybe it's the beginning
wood fires burn distant
over crystal glowing hills
Smells like running away weather. 
short fast days and long slow nights;
cold silver moon stands watch
at the fall
and rise of restless sun.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Flight over fields of fiddleweed
bumbleflowers and jackabells
Zigging and zagging in their
ever evasive aerial errands,
erratic distraction for those
seeking the secretly seeping
and hidden honey hives.


 She looked over the edge and was shocked to see a vast sea of in situ and empty of viscera. No substance nor safe haven. Just more empty space. Forever into infinity. Endlessly falling and tumbling over that edge. Crushed in spirit and heart, she drew back.
She had hoped for rescue, but now she knew it was a dream and falling was her option her, and she knew she had invested too much in hope, yet she would make that mistake over and over. 


Plump Pumpkin

O! Plump Pumpkin...slumped over on the stoop
slowly rotting-now forgotten, we were never really friends.
You know your lot in life, ever evil-with triangular eye
you sit quietly peering at the imps who came for candy
and wonder at your former orangeness
still grinning and grinning saw toothed and oozing
as the leaves fall
and the wind shifts.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wiki me D.E.

Diatomaceous Earth
dead diatoms
Dna purifier
dead diatoms
Diatomaceous Earth

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


at the strangeness
of the world-
 the pursuit of
sanity is
like grabbing at water
you think you have it
but you really don't
only a residue
a wetness
i frequently find myself
 in the company of the mad
yet i do not struggle and 
 understand the ranting
the need for understanding
as i find myself rather...

i read somewhere
the center can not hold
that the bees are maniacs.