Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey and Ham: thoughts on leftovers

Well, here we are, past Turkey day and now one day past Black Friday, which I refuse to participate in, and the fridge is full of ham, dressing, gravy, and sweet potatoes that we felt like we should cook but nobody eats. The first thing to go around here is the pie, and turkey, then usually I give the dog the gravy and icky parts of the turkey.

So, I have this big idea about that turkey carcass yesterday. I decided that I was going to strip all the meat off, boil it down to just bone and dry it out, then use it to do an art project involving paper mache.

Well after boiling this smelly thing for 3 hours, meat was still stubbornly clinging to it and I was feeling nauseaus from the smell. Not to mention It rather resembled that creature on Alien, that facehugger thing, and I just couldnt look at it or smell it another minute. So I hurled it in the garbage and scrubbed my kitchen spic n span.

I have about decided that I am nearly a vegetarian over this past year. I can hardly stand meat, I just feel like Im supposed to eat it. I have had lots of revelations this past year about food and what it all means, since I recieved my life saving Lapband, and have lost over 100 pounds.

So now what to do with all this food? I guess my family will pick at it till its gone, but personally, I hate leftovers. I would rather have a bowl of oatmean than eat leftover turkey. I dont much like it the first day. So now, not only am I a scrooge for Christmas, I have become a scrooge for Turkey day. I do like to reflect on what I have and how fortunate we are to have a job and home and health, but I do it daily, not just in November. I remind my children daily that they are lucky. They dont get it.

We are not affluent, we both work blue collar jobs and struggle to save a dime. We lost our ass in our retirement fund, and are sick with worry about the future, but we are together and healthy and that is worth celebrating every day for.

So onward and upward. .....

Have a great weekend!!

And dont sweat the small stuff, Its all small stuff.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun Web Sites

What is your favorite fun website? Do you have any favorites that you go to just to goof around?
I have discovered face in hole. Thats if you want to go visit it. You scroll thru all of these scenes and then you browse your photos and put your face or someone elses face into it. So you can make yourself look like Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, or in my case, Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro.( I did that so I could see what my weight loss efforts MIGHT yield..LOL)

Another fun one is That one is hilarious.

I also like to go to facebook and goof around with my work pals and far reaching relatives. I have reconnected with alot of lost people on facebook. My space used to be a favorite, but they are so full of advertisements now and is sort of buggy.

Of course there is and

So feel free to share your favorite fun site. I am always up for new experiences...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble gobble and HOHOHO

Thinking about turkey day always make me a little crazy. All of the cooking cooking cooking, crazy cooking and 15 minutes to eat it.Why do we put ourselves thru this stress?? Oh, yeah, I forget, its a runner up to the big one...Ho Ho Ho.......

Im a bit of a scrooge when it comes to this time of year. I would be happier if it only came ever 5 years. At least every 2. But my family makes me participate and join in the materialistic meelee. Even tho I need a new fence built, a new garage door, some insulation, new windows and bathroom remodeling, I will forge into the department stores, and spend money on stuff that nobody really needs or probably dont really want. How much sense does that make? Why do I do it? My retirement fund took a big hit this year, because of those greedy SOB's on Wall Street and Big Buisness and Big Oil, and Im supposed to just say, "Oh, well." Jobs are scarce, people are losing their homes, and we are supposed to be so excited about the lower gas prices that we go out and slam down some money to prop up these buisnesses. I think we are being "had." Did anybody notice how they slipped Chrissy stuff in amid the Halloween stuff this year? The radio stations (clear channel) started playing Chrissy music 2 weeks ago? We are being assimilated and brain washed.

And before you wonder, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. Most of the time I go around like everyone else, buying into the BS, but every now and then, the propaganda lizard that lives in my brain switches off and I have an original thought.

I thiink whoever wrote that story Matrix was very close to the truth.

Shall we buy the children Wii?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Pussy(cat)

My Cat. She is quite the queen. She thinks she is royalty and I guess she is. I mean, look at her. Does she just not reek of queenly-ness? Her name started out Ozzy, then she was Kitkat for when we take her to the vet. But around here, she is Big P. Short for......well, you saw the title of the post. She used to be quite skinny when we found her. She was long and thin and oh-so-shy. Today, on Iams weight control kibble, she weighs in at 20 pounds. Her eyes remind me of an owl's eyes, huge and green and she trains them on you and blinks kinda crazy, like one at at time. Her belly fur is soooooo soft and she has big nipples even tho she has never had kittens, so sometimes we call her Kipples of The Big Nipples. My granddaughter especially likes that name. She frequently tells me Im crazy. Oh well. I hope you liked my story of Ozzy Kitkat BigP Kipples.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been thinking of my old friend Angie. I have tried to call all of the numbers I have for her up in Kentucky but all are disconnected or " no longer in service" according to that irritating mechanized voice. Now Angie was a special gal who loved to laugh and have a good time and she was my best friend for a while. I am not one to let friends go easily, as evidenced by my friend Deb who I have known and kept up with for 37 years, and Kat who I have known 42 years. Then there is Ellen who I have also known for 37 years. I do not take friendship lightly. These women are important to me and are as much a part of me as my glasses, or my arm. Hardly a day goes by that I dont think of them. Angie is another one of those. The difference is that she fell out. She moved with no forwarding address. No email address. Whereabouts, unknown. I have tried over the last several years to find her without any luck. My situation here is completely the same. Same phone same address same email since 1990. And so I have to assume one of several things. That she does not want to be found. That she is destitute. That she is sick or has died. I know no one that knows her anymore, so I have no way of finding out. This preys on my mind and heart and then I will make some more attempts to find her. This has been going on for years. And so with a heavy heart, I am going to cut her loose and stop trying to find her. Perhaps one day she will find me again.
Goodbye Angie...

Intro to the fambly

My daughter and grand daughter........Bella's first day on planet earth.
My two grand sweet. First time to hold sister.

My two sons.

My daughter and niece at masquerade prom.

My Newest addition to the family, "Bella" and her dad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GlassWorks in Saint Louis

During a trip to St. Louis, I happened upon an art exhibit at the GlassWorks there. Here are some of the pieces that I loved.

Rainy Old nostgalic Tuesday in Memphis

Very typical Autumnal day in the south, cool and crisp and wet. I've been cleaning out my closet and found a treasure box full of memories and have been wrapped up for hours, looking at my childrens hand made cards, bookmarks, and report cards, funny old photos and tons of greeting cards, letter and birth announcments, death announcements, marriage and divorce announcments. My deceased parent's 50th wedding anniversary party pictures where mother is pointing a large butcher knife at my father over their cake. They died a year apart.
All three of my children's baby books were there along with the faded ultrasound photos of something that looks like an amphibian back in the 80s and 90s. Nothing like the 4d ultrasound we have now, where you can see your baby looking back at you, which is kinda creepy anyway. I found lost keys and hair clippings and pictures of my old husky dog when he was young and crazy. Now he just obsesses about going out and coming back in and what is in your plate to eat. Of course there were pictures of younger me and skinnier me, also some of the fatter me. I didnt find any spiders or mice which I expected, but lots of dust and memories. It still is raining out there and cold but I think I will make a cuppa Zen tea and look thru this box of pictures that belonged to my parents and I have no idea who most of the people are. It reminds me to label my own photos, so in the future, my grandkids and great grands will know who they are looking at.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Maiden, Mother, Crone...I have been pondering these three beings who dwell within the walls of my heart and skin and am drawing down some truths about myself and the people that I have brought into the world. Truth is what we have when all other allusions are thin and tattered. Truth is hiding in the back, waiting to be revealed. Truth must come eventually and it is, I have discovered, when the veil of youth is gone and you open your wise eyes and see. Maybe for the first time. Truth is a hard master.
As a mother of adults, I have always seen my children a certain way and now that they are adults, I see them for who they really are and have been all along. I am shocked to learn about the veil I pulled down over my heart and mind to see what I wanted to see. Sometimes disappointment sharpens the love I feel, but the mother's heart is true. I feel the waves like the moon's pull on the ocean, the tides of love.
Maiden-Mother-Crone. As I enter into the Crone phase of my life, I try to embrace all three goddesses, but find that the Maiden is lost in the worry and maelstrom of Mother. I don't believe both Maiden and Mother can survive at once, but as soon as Crone fully emerges, I believe Maiden will return, also and Mother can settle into a mood or background music....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Blogging and slogging

Well, in an effort to continue to collect my thoughts and perhaps inspire my bookwriting efforts, I am reviving my blogbrain activity. There is just something about putting your thoughts and feelings out there in public that just attracts me. LOL.
This year has been a very interesing year to say the least. I have embraced my crone-dom, lost 100 pounds,( the weight of a 5th grader,) and gained a new grand-daughter, as well as watched my own last child reach adulthood. She voted in this election and of course, her candidate won.
I have been very busy reading reading reading everything I can get my hands on, because thats what I do. I read. I can hardly stand to watch TV, except the 70's show. Books are a whole different story. I consume on average 3 books a week and thats if I make myself slow down and savor them. I could read one a day. Most of the time, I have the three for the week all going at the same time. One in the bathroom, one in the bedroom and one in my easy chair. I have actually thought about starting a group called "Readers Annonymous" for reading addicts. Instead, I decided to join a group called Good Reads to be able to share my insights and gain insights of others of the books I adore and obsess about for days after I have finished it. I am new there and dont have many friends OR books listed but I have read so many it would take too long to list them all and I dont have that kind of time, for I MUST READ.
I want to join in on the monthly reads but fear that I will be too distracted by what Im currently devouring. I have always shunned required reading for the reason that, in my opinion they are only required because if not, no one would read them. Just kidding. Sort of. Many classics are obtuse and hard for me to read and if I have to concentrate too hard, well, sorry author, I know you worked really hard on that, but I can't see struggling to read something too obtuse for my limited intellect.
Saying that, I have recently discovered Cormac McCarthy. Now this talented fellow has truly a way with words, and he loves to write about dark and creepy subject matter, which i love, but lots of people do not. So see? There is a ying and a yang to this whole reading and writing deal.

Well, I have blathered on enough for one entry..Hopefully someone out there will find this mildly entertaining. I have certainly been entertained writing it.

See you in the funny papers.........

Old blogs before I get started on my new blog

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
OBriens under DeConStrucKshun... Current mood: vibrant

Hey friends, fambly and foes. This is just a happy happy to let everyone know all of our good news, in case you didnt already.
My second grand daughter, Isabella Mesa Boyce, was born June 4th, and she is a pistol already. She will fit in good around here. We are very happy she is here and I cant wait to start spoiling her. Right now she is probably having a little snack. Shes a big eater (drinker) oh, well you know what I mean.
Summer finally arrived, Lindsey is nearly nearly done with 11th grade, so close we can taste it. She has finally made it to her Senior year. It has been a very exciting spring. Keep your eyes open for Senior sure she will be emailing them, as well as snail mailing them. She had her prom and now we have to start planning her graduation and maybe a senior trip if the finances get right. Any donations will be accepted. Just kidding. Our homeschooling experience has been interesting, I ve learned alot about myself in these last few years. I think she learned alot about herself, too.
Noah may have a cooking gig with his personal chef biz soon...
John got his dream job and hopefully this will be his last job. He just wants a place he can call home, and retire from. We are hoping this is it. I will keep you all posted on this.
As for me, well, im still losing weight, slowly, and trying to increase my strength and endurance. My main objective is to get healthy, lose weight and have some fun. Im not going back to school for any thing unless its fun. Fun is my main goal.
I have lost 80 pounds and still have a long way to go, but thats not bad for one year, right?
Im still fiddling around with writing and wishing I could have time to write. Maybe one day.......

Ok, thats enough for today........

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
yabba dabba do 75 pounds off to you

Now, I know you are thinking, jeeze, she sure isnt breaking any weight loss records 10 pounds in 3 months, but let me tell you I didnt gain it overnight. I have had lots of food issues I didnt realize. And I utterly HATE exercise....
be back later..............

Thursday, February 28, 2008
65 pounds bitches...

whoooooooooohoooooooooo Sixty five pounds gone fo EV er...Now im half way there......
Now I know I can do it.
Wow...this year is off to a good start. So much good news. I couldnt stand it if anything even THOUGHT of messing it up...
A new grand baby on the way, 65 pounds lighter, my son has a plan, my hubby has a job, I got a raise, my niece and my friend are cancer youngest is doing good in her JR. year of school, on her way to college and beyond......Lets celebrate .....................time to dance and sing and play.

Monday, December 31, 2007
New Year, new attitude...I hope Current mood: vexed

I cannot believe it is the year 2008. Where did 2007 get to? It literally passed by like a ship in the night. In one year, much has happened some good, some not so good, but that is the circle of life.
As my fifty first year on Gaia approaches, I am reflecting on what I have become. The Crone is awakening in me and I am glad for her wisdom, but loathe to hear her screeching voice that tries to drown out the little girl, the mischevious teen, the flirty young woman, and then the bewildered mother that I have been and will always be. Age is but a number, and I have passed thru many phases and I claim the right to embrace my many faces, my many phases, my many moons, and ages. I am a collection of ages, and a complicated being. My heart is full of love and aches alike and I know I can not soften every blow, I cannot ward off every pain or evil that my family and friends face. I can not tell the future exactly, but I can predict with fairly good accuracy what can happen, and am frequently right. I have been known to be wrong also.
And so, in a new year i would like to silence that screeching Crone's voice, and release the need to control everything. I would also like to re discover that maiden that lurks in my heart. The carefree girl who has no callous on her heart.

Monday, September 17, 2007
Walking around and not croaking Current mood: energetic Category: Life

Somebody give me a medal. Or at least mark it down on a calendar!!!!!!
I actually did it. I put on my new shoes...and walked about 30 minutes this morning. And I didnt die....woo hooo.
My feets are sore, tho. Im not used to atheletic shoes again, Ive been wearing Crocs too long. But I feel good otherwise. I think I will do it again Thurs.. Tommorrow Im going to Curves and do that on alternate days. That way I wont get too burned out on anything. I wish I could swim a few more days but thats over for this year, I guess.
This after noon, Lindsey went out to see about a job. It might interfere with our lifestyle, but she has way too much time on her hands. We shall see...I have faith in you, my dearest.
We are family. I got all my sistas and me.

Friday, September 14, 2007
All of my loves

I am convinced that John Hiatt has written the sound track to my life. Everytime I listen to one of his songs, I can usually insert myself in there, somewhere. He is so freeking amazing as a song writer and his knowlege of the human bean is unbelieveable. Its Friday nite/Sat morning and im not at work. I got a lacka. Lacka work. I saw Ehlen this week and we had a BIG ADVENTURE. I always have fun with her. She is like my soul mate. She understands things that no one else ever will. I think, if we should out live our husbands, that we should move in together and be old biddies shackin up. Not lesbians, but just old biddies. I know people will think we are gay, and maybe we will be. LOL. That is too much to think about right now...Bricker bricker bricker.
I have that song on my mind that is on myspace homepage Blue Angel. "Your mamma never told you how you were supposed to treat a girl...."
Now, i have been looking around on myspace for long lost friends, yes, again.
I might have found another one. We shall have to wait and see. This one has a special place in my heart, as he introduced me to that song Innagoddavita, by the Cream. His writhing in the driver's seat, of his 1960s model Mustang, to the drum solo was most memorable.
And so i spend my time, looking for old friends and new ones too, on myspace. Still procrastinating about that book, as well as procrastinating about exercise.
I have lost 45 pounds and hope it keeps coming off but I know its slowed down and the exercise must happen. I discovered Wild Oats today and will make that a new destination for lunch sometimes.
Keep on keepin on, my hommies.........I love you all.........
Deb- Maiden, mother and crone

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Time to write the book..ya'll Current mood: creative

If I ever get this book outta me, it will be a miracle...Its in there trying to get out but I have been resisting for a long time. Now I have decided, is the time. But which one? The childrens collection of stories? The personal memoirs of Deb? Or...the hospital memoirs and crazy world of crackheads?
I wish I had been keeping journals all along because I realize I have forgotten many things that I wanted to put in there....
If any of you have any memories, stories or what have you, that you would like to be considered for the tales, please send them to my email..