Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun Web Sites

What is your favorite fun website? Do you have any favorites that you go to just to goof around?
I have discovered face in hole. Thats if you want to go visit it. You scroll thru all of these scenes and then you browse your photos and put your face or someone elses face into it. So you can make yourself look like Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, or in my case, Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro.( I did that so I could see what my weight loss efforts MIGHT yield..LOL)

Another fun one is That one is hilarious.

I also like to go to facebook and goof around with my work pals and far reaching relatives. I have reconnected with alot of lost people on facebook. My space used to be a favorite, but they are so full of advertisements now and is sort of buggy.

Of course there is and

So feel free to share your favorite fun site. I am always up for new experiences...

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