Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble gobble and HOHOHO

Thinking about turkey day always make me a little crazy. All of the cooking cooking cooking, crazy cooking and 15 minutes to eat it.Why do we put ourselves thru this stress?? Oh, yeah, I forget, its a runner up to the big one...Ho Ho Ho.......

Im a bit of a scrooge when it comes to this time of year. I would be happier if it only came ever 5 years. At least every 2. But my family makes me participate and join in the materialistic meelee. Even tho I need a new fence built, a new garage door, some insulation, new windows and bathroom remodeling, I will forge into the department stores, and spend money on stuff that nobody really needs or probably dont really want. How much sense does that make? Why do I do it? My retirement fund took a big hit this year, because of those greedy SOB's on Wall Street and Big Buisness and Big Oil, and Im supposed to just say, "Oh, well." Jobs are scarce, people are losing their homes, and we are supposed to be so excited about the lower gas prices that we go out and slam down some money to prop up these buisnesses. I think we are being "had." Did anybody notice how they slipped Chrissy stuff in amid the Halloween stuff this year? The radio stations (clear channel) started playing Chrissy music 2 weeks ago? We are being assimilated and brain washed.

And before you wonder, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. Most of the time I go around like everyone else, buying into the BS, but every now and then, the propaganda lizard that lives in my brain switches off and I have an original thought.

I thiink whoever wrote that story Matrix was very close to the truth.

Shall we buy the children Wii?

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GardeningJo said...

I wanted to thank you for your recent comments on my blog!

Also, NaNoWriMo(.org) happens each November when people try to write 50,000 words (the "definition" of what makes a novel based on length) from 11/1 until 11/30! I now have 49,247! The point is to get the 50,000 words down, not to have a perfectly finished novel!

You usually "win" a NaNo certificate if you get to 50,000 words but last year's winners (including me!) are being given the oportunity to receive a free proof copy of their 2007 manuscript! Not sure what happens this year!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (I'm the cook again this year so I started tonight so as not to make myself too crazy tomorrow!)