Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
OBriens under DeConStrucKshun... Current mood: vibrant

Hey friends, fambly and foes. This is just a happy happy to let everyone know all of our good news, in case you didnt already.
My second grand daughter, Isabella Mesa Boyce, was born June 4th, and she is a pistol already. She will fit in good around here. We are very happy she is here and I cant wait to start spoiling her. Right now she is probably having a little snack. Shes a big eater (drinker) oh, well you know what I mean.
Summer finally arrived, Lindsey is nearly nearly done with 11th grade, so close we can taste it. She has finally made it to her Senior year. It has been a very exciting spring. Keep your eyes open for Senior sure she will be emailing them, as well as snail mailing them. She had her prom and now we have to start planning her graduation and maybe a senior trip if the finances get right. Any donations will be accepted. Just kidding. Our homeschooling experience has been interesting, I ve learned alot about myself in these last few years. I think she learned alot about herself, too.
Noah may have a cooking gig with his personal chef biz soon...
John got his dream job and hopefully this will be his last job. He just wants a place he can call home, and retire from. We are hoping this is it. I will keep you all posted on this.
As for me, well, im still losing weight, slowly, and trying to increase my strength and endurance. My main objective is to get healthy, lose weight and have some fun. Im not going back to school for any thing unless its fun. Fun is my main goal.
I have lost 80 pounds and still have a long way to go, but thats not bad for one year, right?
Im still fiddling around with writing and wishing I could have time to write. Maybe one day.......

Ok, thats enough for today........

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
yabba dabba do 75 pounds off to you

Now, I know you are thinking, jeeze, she sure isnt breaking any weight loss records 10 pounds in 3 months, but let me tell you I didnt gain it overnight. I have had lots of food issues I didnt realize. And I utterly HATE exercise....
be back later..............

Thursday, February 28, 2008
65 pounds bitches...

whoooooooooohoooooooooo Sixty five pounds gone fo EV er...Now im half way there......
Now I know I can do it.
Wow...this year is off to a good start. So much good news. I couldnt stand it if anything even THOUGHT of messing it up...
A new grand baby on the way, 65 pounds lighter, my son has a plan, my hubby has a job, I got a raise, my niece and my friend are cancer youngest is doing good in her JR. year of school, on her way to college and beyond......Lets celebrate .....................time to dance and sing and play.

Monday, December 31, 2007
New Year, new attitude...I hope Current mood: vexed

I cannot believe it is the year 2008. Where did 2007 get to? It literally passed by like a ship in the night. In one year, much has happened some good, some not so good, but that is the circle of life.
As my fifty first year on Gaia approaches, I am reflecting on what I have become. The Crone is awakening in me and I am glad for her wisdom, but loathe to hear her screeching voice that tries to drown out the little girl, the mischevious teen, the flirty young woman, and then the bewildered mother that I have been and will always be. Age is but a number, and I have passed thru many phases and I claim the right to embrace my many faces, my many phases, my many moons, and ages. I am a collection of ages, and a complicated being. My heart is full of love and aches alike and I know I can not soften every blow, I cannot ward off every pain or evil that my family and friends face. I can not tell the future exactly, but I can predict with fairly good accuracy what can happen, and am frequently right. I have been known to be wrong also.
And so, in a new year i would like to silence that screeching Crone's voice, and release the need to control everything. I would also like to re discover that maiden that lurks in my heart. The carefree girl who has no callous on her heart.

Monday, September 17, 2007
Walking around and not croaking Current mood: energetic Category: Life

Somebody give me a medal. Or at least mark it down on a calendar!!!!!!
I actually did it. I put on my new shoes...and walked about 30 minutes this morning. And I didnt die....woo hooo.
My feets are sore, tho. Im not used to atheletic shoes again, Ive been wearing Crocs too long. But I feel good otherwise. I think I will do it again Thurs.. Tommorrow Im going to Curves and do that on alternate days. That way I wont get too burned out on anything. I wish I could swim a few more days but thats over for this year, I guess.
This after noon, Lindsey went out to see about a job. It might interfere with our lifestyle, but she has way too much time on her hands. We shall see...I have faith in you, my dearest.
We are family. I got all my sistas and me.

Friday, September 14, 2007
All of my loves

I am convinced that John Hiatt has written the sound track to my life. Everytime I listen to one of his songs, I can usually insert myself in there, somewhere. He is so freeking amazing as a song writer and his knowlege of the human bean is unbelieveable. Its Friday nite/Sat morning and im not at work. I got a lacka. Lacka work. I saw Ehlen this week and we had a BIG ADVENTURE. I always have fun with her. She is like my soul mate. She understands things that no one else ever will. I think, if we should out live our husbands, that we should move in together and be old biddies shackin up. Not lesbians, but just old biddies. I know people will think we are gay, and maybe we will be. LOL. That is too much to think about right now...Bricker bricker bricker.
I have that song on my mind that is on myspace homepage Blue Angel. "Your mamma never told you how you were supposed to treat a girl...."
Now, i have been looking around on myspace for long lost friends, yes, again.
I might have found another one. We shall have to wait and see. This one has a special place in my heart, as he introduced me to that song Innagoddavita, by the Cream. His writhing in the driver's seat, of his 1960s model Mustang, to the drum solo was most memorable.
And so i spend my time, looking for old friends and new ones too, on myspace. Still procrastinating about that book, as well as procrastinating about exercise.
I have lost 45 pounds and hope it keeps coming off but I know its slowed down and the exercise must happen. I discovered Wild Oats today and will make that a new destination for lunch sometimes.
Keep on keepin on, my hommies.........I love you all.........
Deb- Maiden, mother and crone

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Time to write the book..ya'll Current mood: creative

If I ever get this book outta me, it will be a miracle...Its in there trying to get out but I have been resisting for a long time. Now I have decided, is the time. But which one? The childrens collection of stories? The personal memoirs of Deb? Or...the hospital memoirs and crazy world of crackheads?
I wish I had been keeping journals all along because I realize I have forgotten many things that I wanted to put in there....
If any of you have any memories, stories or what have you, that you would like to be considered for the tales, please send them to my email..

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