Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey and Ham: thoughts on leftovers

Well, here we are, past Turkey day and now one day past Black Friday, which I refuse to participate in, and the fridge is full of ham, dressing, gravy, and sweet potatoes that we felt like we should cook but nobody eats. The first thing to go around here is the pie, and turkey, then usually I give the dog the gravy and icky parts of the turkey.

So, I have this big idea about that turkey carcass yesterday. I decided that I was going to strip all the meat off, boil it down to just bone and dry it out, then use it to do an art project involving paper mache.

Well after boiling this smelly thing for 3 hours, meat was still stubbornly clinging to it and I was feeling nauseaus from the smell. Not to mention It rather resembled that creature on Alien, that facehugger thing, and I just couldnt look at it or smell it another minute. So I hurled it in the garbage and scrubbed my kitchen spic n span.

I have about decided that I am nearly a vegetarian over this past year. I can hardly stand meat, I just feel like Im supposed to eat it. I have had lots of revelations this past year about food and what it all means, since I recieved my life saving Lapband, and have lost over 100 pounds.

So now what to do with all this food? I guess my family will pick at it till its gone, but personally, I hate leftovers. I would rather have a bowl of oatmean than eat leftover turkey. I dont much like it the first day. So now, not only am I a scrooge for Christmas, I have become a scrooge for Turkey day. I do like to reflect on what I have and how fortunate we are to have a job and home and health, but I do it daily, not just in November. I remind my children daily that they are lucky. They dont get it.

We are not affluent, we both work blue collar jobs and struggle to save a dime. We lost our ass in our retirement fund, and are sick with worry about the future, but we are together and healthy and that is worth celebrating every day for.

So onward and upward. .....

Have a great weekend!!

And dont sweat the small stuff, Its all small stuff.

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green-bean said...

Wow. I have despised Turkey Day since I can remember. I may just be a present-day girl... But I just don't like fall/pilgrim-food. Not my thing. Also, WHY DID YOU THROW AWAY THE TURKEY??!? We could have put it in the backyard behind the shed for the winter, and it would be as clean as a whistle! Phooey. Anyway, thanks for all the lovely food that everyone else ate. The bread, olives, and desert were completely tasty. Everything else was good too, just not satisfying. :) Love you moms....