Monday, December 8, 2008

An item you own that isn't worth much money but has great value to you.

Around here, everything qualifies as the first part of this writing prompt that I borrowed from the "One Minute Writer Blog", but actually, I can only think of a handful of things around here that might bring some monetary value. But only if you have a group of ecclectic collectors. Saying that, there is one item that stands out in my mind that might meet the criteria.
You would most likely find it in a junk shop, or the bottom of a junk drawer in a junky house, with lots of other junk. To me, this particular piece of junk is like a priceless blue diamond or a Rembrandt painting.
It has a special place in my home, a place where nothing else occupies and Woe Be It to anyone who mishandles it or misplaces it.
It's purpose is clear and precise, to deliver the dark and primitive granules that will become the bubbling brew that revives my lizard brain in the morning, and sometimes in the evening. It brings to a lowly measure of water, the bitter, the hot and flavor, the daily brew if you will.
Can you guess what it is?
My mother used it everyday for the same reasons. She has not used it in 19 years, but I have. Every day. The metal is thinning. The copper has worn off. But it is as dependable after all of these years, as was she.

I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java jive and it loves me. Coffee and tea and the Java and me.
A cupacupacupacupa coffee.

Mother's old copper coffee scooper came to me 2 years after her death and she is deeply imprinted into it. I feel her presence every morning when I pick it up to scoop in 4 scoops for 8 cups of French Roast Brew. That particular ratio jolts me out of my lethargy and shoves me forward. Bitter and hot, black and dark, it is a bit like when she would shove me out of bed for school. No sugar for sweetness, just pure Java for the soul.


Edumentor said...

See now if you keep posting this stuff, I'm going to have to be annoying and keep commenting. I LOVE that you love that copper scoop, and I'll bet your mom's whole essence is in it. That's such a great thing to have and to treasure. Can you imagine people actually fight over inheriting stupid stuff like marble statues and oil paintings when the real treasures are things like coffee scoops and coin purses? Amen sister.

dragyonfly said...

Oh, please DO comment...its nice to know someone is reading my blatherings...I love your postings too...
I hope to make an (almost) daily habit of writing so I can ease into a memoir I would like to try to write one day, not that anyone but me would be interested, but maybe one day my kids will want to know who I really am. lol.