Monday, December 29, 2008

New writing prompt: Is our world today a better or worse place than it was when you were a kid?

I don't know if it is better or worse, but it is for sure different.
If there is one thing I CAN remember it is some of my childhood and I believe we had more fun than these last few generations. And I am not saying that because I think my generation is better or anything, we just had more fun. We made stuff up to do, because that was the only choice we had. We had 3 channels of TV, but the only time kids got to watch TV was maybe Saturday morning before the parents got up, because they had to watch racing, baseball, soap operas, or "stories" as my mom called them. and whatever Jack Lalaine was doing. Lawrence Welk was a huge favorite at my house. Of course my dad watched every war movie known to man.
We would actually GO OUTSIDE in the summer and during the school year if we could get away with it. I remember getting a spanking because my mom had to call me more than once to come in. I remember getting in trouble for writing some unsavory words on a neighbor lady's screen door with a hard boiled Easter Egg. We would stand on the corner and wave at cars, and if it rained, wait for them to come by and hit a big puddle of water and splash us. We ran around barefooted and cut our feet to shreds. We rode bicycles everywhere and trolled the streets till way after dark. There was no creepy men lurking around trying to kidnap us. We didn't know about sexual predators (but they were there), we were blissfully ignorant. No one talked to us about "appropriate touching" or "just say no to drugs".
I know that stuff was out there back then, but I am now aware of how naieve we were then.
I feel sort of sorry for alot of today's kids. They are so electronica and gadget oriented, that they have no imagination. I think they are being short changed.
I'm trying not to generalize, but many young people I know, just don't have any. They are one dimensional and sad. If there is any challenge, they have no idea how to find their way thru it, they wait for someone else to change it.

So, maybe I have tunnel vision and maybe I don't. I am not anti technology at all.
I love gadgets myself and have lots of them. I especially love my computer, Ipods and digital cameras.

Our generations will always evolve or devolve. Depending on society.

That is all............


GardeningJo said...

You're right about one thing, the world sure is different now! (Overall I'm not sure if it's better though). A happy, healthy, blessed New Year to you & yours! Love, Jo

Anonymous said...

This is a great question. Our world is definitely different from what it used to be. I miss kids being able to go out and play and not worry about being kidnapped. Media and electronics have most definitely affected imagination for children. As a kid, I loved make-believe worlds, making forts with cardboard boxes and spending endless hours outside rather than inside watching TV or playing video games. It's just not the same anymore.