Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing inspiration from One minute writer blog

On the One minute writer blog, one of the prompts was "As a kid, what job did you dream of? What job do you do now?

It's been a long time since I was a kid, so maybe my memory is a little cloudy, but I distinctly remember at one point, wanting to be a paleontogist, but I only knew it then as "archeology." Only after I was in college did I know the true meaning of archeology after taking a class called Evolution of Man. I found out archeology spanned many schools of thought about our past. Palenotology was just one of them. But I dreamed of going on the big digs, with brushes and pith helmets, safari type clothing and lots of interesting people. I could see myself digging in deserts in far flung places looking for the missing links. I always envisioned myself with a big find. Big mysterious giant lizard creatures with lots of large sharp teeth.

Fast forward to now. I don't exactly dig with shovels and brushes, I don't wear a pith helmet or safari clothes. (But I probably should, cuz its a jungle out there. ) Actually now, I work in a large inner city hospital in a busy critical care. Instead of shovels, brushes and plaster cast, I am armed with an arsenal of paperwork, medications, fecal management systems, personal protection shields, and sometimes restraints. Our clientele is the indigent and homeless, drug addicts and alcholics of our fair city.

So, you see, sometimes our dreams have a way of morphing into something else. I don't hate what I do, quite the opposite. I think of how my life might have turned out, had I not had the opportunity of helping some of those people maybe have some hope, or finding the help they need. My hospital has always been very patient centered, of course all of the economic problems of our country is trickling down to the medical centers, too and lots of jobs affecting patient care are in danger or have already been cut. But we nurses remain at the front line, between the bureacracy and the patient. We are patient advocates and we stand between young foolish doctors and helpless people. We are the voice for those who may not have a voice. We translate the complicated diagnosis that the doctor just laid down on a shocked family. We listen to fears and dry tears and do whatever it takes to help the soul who is our charge for the day.

I believe what I do now, Is much more important that what I dreamed of doing in my youth.


Jen said...

I used to want to be an archeologist! I was more interested in people and ancient cultures than dinosaurs, but I share your dream of digging in a hot desert with safari clothes and a pith helmet. I could totally see myself doing that.

Sometimes, I still wonder if I shouldn't do it after all...

dragyonfly said...

Hi the Jen, sister of Chuck?
Well, I decided a while back that that option was definately out, cuz i hate to sweat and get dirty...Oh wait.
I still do.......LOL..

Cindy said...

What an inspiration you are! Really enjoyed reading this post. It's funny because at one point in my life, I also wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up! Hope you're having a great weekend!

dragyonfly said...

Hi Cindy... Its weird because it seems alot of girls wanted to be archeologists....I wonder what's that about? Maybe we were the generation to take the "women" out of "women's work"?

Edumentor said...

I used to want to be a glass wrapper when I was a kid. You know, the kind that wraps up glasses. I'm not sure I knew what a paleontologist was and I think it's cool that you did.

We have a lot of respect for nurses and teachers in our family.