Thursday, December 4, 2008

Writing Prompts and inspirations...

I am following the blog 1 minute writer which states, " there are 1,440 minutes in every day, write during one of them." The idea is just this, they give you a prompt, such as "What is your least favorite food?" Or " How you got a scar, or injury even if a scar didn't occur." So you take this prompt and write about it for one full minute, and post it to that blog. Its an awesum idea but for one thing. Your inspiration is limited to one minute, and its lost among hundreds of other posts. So I would like to take it one step further and post my replies to the prompts here, on my blog and perhaps give it a little more attention than one minute. There are some really good prompts and I believe they deserve a little more than 60 seconds.

Such as this one.

"If you had $100,000 to give away, who wold you give it to, and why."

Well, now, Im glad you asked because I was just thinking about this the other day. Of course I do NOT have $100,000 to give away....LOL.... but if I indeed DID, I know exactly who I would give it to.

We are a homeschooling family in Tennessee, and our state laws dictate that we have to either be a member of a Church Related Umbrella School, or have and advanced education degree and cow tow to the state laws that require testing and snooping into our private home and choice of how to educate our children. Anyway, I digress....

We chose the Umbrella school option. Our umbrella school is Gateway Christian School. Now this is not some huge conglomerate church with more money than God himself, but a small, humble, kinda funky little church in an old and sketchy neighborhood in Memphis. They have their sanctuary separate from their school buildings and for the massive amount of homeschoolers that they keep up with, and they really do keep up with them, they never cease to amaze me. They are staffed with homeschooled kids, moms, and one amazing dude named Greg. There is guidance counsel for seniors and they help with college plans and send your transcripts for absolutely free. Not only that, but they have a bookstore in what appears to be a storage area. They make do with what they have and are the nicest folks.

Their office is nuts. The amount of students that they cater too is growing in leaps and bounds, as our own public education systems fail, and the sheer amount of papers stacked up and constant phones ringing is a testament to their efforts. Most of the time, you cannont get anyone on the phone, but if you leave a message, someone usually calls you back within 24 hours. They have 3 options for students. They work hard there and I think they believe in what they do.

They could have that 100,000 dollars . I wish I had it to give them. I dont subscribe to their particular brand of religion, but thats the beauty of it. You dont have to.

Gateway, your work is important. Keep it up.

Now see?? That required a bit more than one minute.........


Anonymous said...

What a great blog idea. I will have to check out that blog. And what a great place to give your $$ to if you had the 100K! Our school systems are sadly lacking throughout most of this country. Priorities have been changed for the worst.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks, Hannah. The next topic is going to be from One Minute Writer Blog, and it is "What makes me unique and unusual." So go ahead and tackle it on your blog, too.
I am thinking about it right now. I will be watching for yours, too. As for the education topic, well that would fill a set of encyclopedias...remember those?
Sadly, we are dumbing down our kids at an alarming rate. Did you know that then entire grading scale in some colleges have changed. That 50 is now a D. Failing is less than 50. Not to mention the "testing" prep that goes on all year. Only teaching for the big tests is the big deal. That's not even to mention the violence and drugs in schools. I would like to take my grandchildren out and homeschool and I may be able to when the oldest is in middleschool, but alas, It is not my decision.
End of rant...sorry

GardeningJo said...

Fantastic! I'd chuck the 60 seconds thing & just go with it too!