Friday, January 23, 2009

2nd creative writing ensemble....even better than the first

Ok, I have to tell you, that last week, I was sort of uncomfortable with the beginning of the session, because I am not used to "relaxing" especially in a group of people I don't know. This week I knew what to expect, so when our leader hit the little gong to signal us to focus on our insides, I was ready. I felt like I was relaxing, however, I couldn't make the sound aloud she asked for, upon exhalation, because I am still very self concious. I guess I have some hang ups...
But I digress, the point is, I felt as though I was ready to write some serious stuff. I always FEEL ready. But I always end up writing goofy stuff with no poetic-ness. I believe it has merit, It is my morbid, off kilter humor at work, as usual. But sometimes I want to write something beautiful and flowing and poetic. Why does everything have to be satire-ish and sardonic? I don't know. So, It probably sounds like I did not have a good time, au contraire.
It was revealing and I unpeeled a layer of conciousness or something. I struggled with the prompt for about 5 of my 15 minutes...then just let my hand go. Of course it ended up making my mates laugh, which is what it was supposed to do. But I wanted to try my three words given to me in a serious tone.

See? The exercise was this: Tear off a scrap of paper and write 3 words. Any words. Then pass it to your neighbor on the left. Write for 15 minutes, using these three words, as if you were a piece of the furniture in the room. Any piece. Choose one.

My words were Vulgar, Vulva, Endometriosis.

Well, i wont go into details, but I will tell you It had to do with bad smells, non hygiene and a sofa.
I wonder what other writers or aspiring writers would have written. If any one wants to take a shot at it......please feel free. I would love to see what others would come up with. It does not have to be 15 minutes...just use the words.

I would love to see how you would respond to this.

Go for it.


DaBee said...

The words, Vulgar, Vulva, Endometriosis, remind me of the time I was put on the spot when I heard a vulgar man say once that there is something wrong when something can bleed for 7 days and don't die. On that thought, I can only imagine the night mare of cave man days to where a cave man could drag his woman around by the head of the hair. There's my only thought on those three words that I can say here. Is that enough said?

trosekay said...

OMG, I'm laughing just thinking about those three actually I'm laughing about your hint of what you wrote.

teri said...

vulgar, vagina, vulva, they save these words for the end of the alphabet for a particular reason? The V-squad. I have no idea where endometrium fits in with all of this. Maybe that's why it leaves once a month.

dragyonfly said... guys. As for the Vsquad...Teri, that is an excellent point...V.