Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you could hire someone full-time to make your life easier, what would their duties be?

Easy one.
Take all this stress away. Does that count?
Or how about doing my laundry? Definately the cooking part and cleaning up afterward. No, wait...the vacuuming, swiffering and lemon pledging. Or maybe chasing the constantly shedding husky around with the dust mop? Maybe reminding my teenager to clean out the cat box and clean her room.
Also, this person would be able to do remodeling and odd jobs to help "fix up" the place.
No, wait, if I could hire somebody full time to do all this......well, my place wouldn't need fixing up. Maybe somebody to take over for me in the worry department.
Yeah, that's it. If I had somebody to worry for me, I would have lots of time.


Anonymous said...

Love this question! I agree, I would never have to do laundry again. It's my least favorite thing to do.

Holli said...

Oh mine would be cooking!!! I have to eat the cardiac and diabetic diets and it would be SOOO nice to have a personal chef to take care of all that for me.

teri said...

I need a personal assistant to keep me on track. With a clipboard and schedule in hand. Organize my day, take my messages, get me from here to there. I get kind of lost on one thing and spend too much time on it, and then the next 3 things don't get done. And if said person did laundry and cleaning, that would be an added plus.:-)

dragyonfly said...

Well, holli, as a matter of fact, my son is a personal chef, what state are you in ? LOL?? Hes pretty inexpensive.......Hell, Ill even give him to you......