Monday, January 26, 2009

If you have tattoos, describe one of them. If you don't, what would your tattoo look like if you ever got one?

It has spreading blue edges and fading colors. It perches upon my shoulder, my companion these 35 years since the day my friend, Ellen, and I wandered into that little shop in Cotati, California. The wait was about one hour, so to stoke up some courage, we went to a little dark bar across the street for a beer or two. As a testament to our lack of observation skills and total self immersion, it was only as we were leaving that we noticed we were the only girls in that bar. We finally noticed we were very much out of place in there, as the men danced together and sat close together, whispering and stealing worried glances at us.
Giggling, we paid our tab and stumbled back out into the summer sunshine, so it had to be in the afternoon, since the sun didn't blaze until it had burned off the day's blanket of fog.
The burly artist was waiting for us to make a choice of design, we both settled on a free flying flutterby. (We had an imaginary friend named Emerson who looked alot like the one he would apply as a skin illustration. We were 70's kids, OK??)
I bravely went first, and had the image of Emerson etched into my right shoulder. He was beautiful and very colorful and I barely felt it (except when he went over my bone) and slapped down my 20 dollars.
She was next, wanted her flutterby on her hip bone. She exposed the skin canvas for her inking and waited anxiously for the first touch of the tattoo needle to her skin. He dipped his pen in the ink, poised it over the tracing, and touched her with the tip at the same time she was leaping out of the chair. To this day, she carries the tattoo that almost was. One big blue dot on her hip bone.
She actually shows it to people proudly, "see MY tattoo?"

I have actually thought I would get a cover up for my old faded flutterby, but I am rather attached to the memory of that day. I don't believe I ever will.


Holli said...

This was really good...I felt as if I were there with you and I also was able to relive my own tattoo experiences so thanks for that!!

Lizzi said...

This is a great prompt! I don't have a tattoo, but would like one -mostly because it's so "unlike me." But, I'd probably end up like your friend, with just a dot! How long were you in Northern CA? I'm from Petaluma.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks, Ladies...I appreciate the kind words. Lizzi...I lived in Petaluma for about 3 years back in 1978-81. I loved it.

teri said...

I loved reading this -- great imagery! I'm too chicken to ever get a tattoo, but if I did it would probably be something small and obscure on the back of my neck.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks ladies!