Monday, January 19, 2009

Writing prompt...What information or skill would you like to teach to others?

I am really behind on my one minute writer series....I pick and choose at random, based on what catches my eye. This one did, even though I don't have a ready answer, I want to tackle it anyway.

The first thing that comes to mind is I would like to teach certain people about stepping outside of themselves for awhile to embrace others and truly care about someone other than "self" and "selfs issues". What is that called? Empathy? Commitment? Love? I know we all have to attend to "self", but how about coming out now and then and seeing about "others"? It's not always about self. Find out how someone is DOING and really LISTEN and don't just wait for them to stop talking so you can tell them YOUR problems. Take some of your precious time out and go visit someone and help them out or just be an ear/shoulder/whining post. Whatever.

People don't live forever, you know. And you are not always right.

Something else I would like to pass on is encouragment in education. So many young people that I know do not see the use of going to school for 4 more years, when they can get this here 10 dollar an hour job. Well, thats fine and dandy if you are living at home with mama, which most of them do. Trouble is trying to LIVE on that out side of the comfort of mama and daddy's house. How come these kids can't see that?

Once again, people don't live forever and your safety net will be gone some day.

Ok, that was easy, I was thinking this would be a difficult topic. But get me started on something and watch out.


teri said...

I am SOOO 100 percent with you on this!!! As a teacher, I try so hard to tell kids to stay in school and get as MUCH education as they can. It's hard for them to understand now how useful it will be later. And empathy? I completely agree about the need to teach that -- and I'm having fun thinking of ways to do it. LOL, what would you suggest? P.S. Love your music!

dragyonfly said...

In nursing school, they stressed empathy every day and some people picked it up. The rest of them went to work in the Emergency Room. LOL.

(Just kidding, ER nurses)

But seriously, maybe some people are just incapable of it, or do not have the genome for it.
I became very aware of it after witnessing much suffering of patients and then a few very personal losses in my life.
I still find myself comparing myself to others, measuring up sort of. I have to make a conscious effort to stop it. So I really don't know the answer to your question....just more of my blathering.