Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Arrival

Swerving, weaving, racing, speeding
Tires popping on gravel.
Dizzy Drunk in the backseat
Gripping, grabbing, groping
Wipers slapping, water dripping
Engine ticking like the wombclock.
Tidalwaves of pain slamming my shore.
Pushing, panting, pressure.
A small cry: wailing, wobbly, weak.


Thauna said...

Great poem! This is about the birth of your daughter, right? I love it!!!

dragyonfly said...

yep, right on Thauna...I guess you can tell, that it was a hugely big deal...LOL.

Just Tera said...

Well done. I really like that.

teri said...

You got me -- I wasn't expecting this to end with childbirth. Loved it!

GardeningJo said...

You have a way with words, a gift! You inspire me (as you already know with My Father's Hands) and make me consider putting down my pen at the same time, lol!