Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oceana's cradle

Oceana's lover

Bits of ancient life ground down by time, now a salty mist
a mist that clings.
Clings to wet skin, clings onto dark and secret places.
Gritty, grainy, crunchy, crystalline-
She cradles the sea, holds the sea, loves the sea.
Is created by the sea-
So Soft and cool at night.
Hot and hard at noon.
Packed down so solid by the feet
of the flocks
That find their way there.
These are Sounds of Ancient Seas-
Surf and shore collide in a chorus of constant motion, churning, arching.
Yearning only to be one.
Unchanged by Millennia or Man.

1 comment:

teri said...

Isn't it amazing...long before we arrived and long after we are gone the sea does what it has always done. This is powerful.