Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring in the air

Well, spring is around the corner and we are looking at renewal once again. Much to look toward, much to look back on. Very few regrets so far. I am slightly distraught over a family member who is causing me much worry, but I am learning to let go as much as I can. It is difficult to watch someone fall over and over again. But there is nothing to do about it, so I must help myself adjust.
This spring I am going to start putting the Childrens book I am messing around with on my front burner and get 'er done.
I have been taking a creative writing class that has helped me immensely with motivation. Thanks Valentine!

I have big plans for the yard, as well, starting with a new fence and flowers and a coat of paint here and there. Don't want to get too motivated and forget to write.


green-bean said...

Yay! I would love to help you with the yard and stuff. Maybe we can get a little "farewell" garden together in front of my window. :]

About the family member, just remember that stuff like this is like a natural disaster: it blows over. Keep strong and cool. Love ya like a crazy!

GardeningJo said...

Yay for your children's book!!! I'm sorry someone's causing you worry, but like you said, they have to find their own way & you have to adjust to letting them. Yay for spring projects! My containers need a refreshing spray of paint, plus I need a few more additions!

teri said...

Those are funny looking Easter bunnies! I'm sorry about your family member and I hope they find their way back.

dragyonfly said...

Lindsey, I would love for us to do a little "college garden" (not farewell!!) in front of your window.....

Jo.....I love your gardening blog and never even thought about painting my gave me an idea.

Teri...that was so funny what you said about my "funny looking easter bunnies" Are they not the cutest thangs you ever saw??? \
Thanks for all ya'll's comments