Friday, March 27, 2009

Tell a story that has been passed down through your family. (If you do not have a biological family, tell any story you remember hearing as a child

Well, my parents had a weird sense of humor and since I was the last, late in life, whoops baby, I got alot of that good old "one on one" since my 2 brothers had moved out and were married and stuff.
One thing I distinctly recall was whenever my family were talking about something that happened before I was born, and I would ask, "where was I when that happened," they would always tell me "you were still in Africa." So I naturally thought I was from Africa. When I started first grade(I never had to go to Kindergarten, it was not required back in those days) my teacher asked everyone to say their name and where they were from. Ok, you already guessed it, when it came to my turn, I blurted out in my little white girl southern accent, "I'm from Africa." Well, that got quite a response from the kids who thought it was hilarious, but my teacher did not find it amusing at all and accused me right off of lying. The kids teased me for 6 months everytime I came to school.
And so began my journey through school. I have to tell you It didn't get much better. I was either making stuff up, lying or trying to figure out how to stay home. School was a big headache for me, actually.
Another story that I have heard was the story of an old maid Aunt, can't recall her name. She was somebody's sister and was very eccentric. Im not sure which side of the family tree shes from but I'm pretty sure she's a blood related because I have some more family that is sorta like her. (For future reference, all my people come from Arkansas, and you should know that up front.) Seems this old aunt would gather dust up from all over the house, to stuff into the rag dolls that she would make and then sit them around on her beds and furniture. She also wallpapered her house in that thick brown paper they give you to wrap up parcels and meat. All except the ceiling, which she papered with the funnies section of the newspaper, because she was sick of looking at the blank ceiling all nite. (Well, hey, here's an idea, go to sleep you weirdo.)
Then there was another Aunt who rented out rooms in a boarding house, and had a side business of raising worms. One time, she ran an ad in the newspaper which read, "rooms for rent, 25 South Main. And don't forget, I have worms!"
My Uncle Earl worked for the railroad, and once, when a train derailed, he ended up with a boxcar full of scorched jars of peanut butter and he would give everyone tons of peanut butter. He also had acquired a Strativarous violin. (I don't know, so don't ask.) Uncle Earl asked me once If I enjoyed my trip (to visit them, I assumed) and I said Yes. He asked me "well, was it an acid trip or a grass trip?" Now I was a teenager in the 70's so you can imagine the reaction, I thought he was the coolest Uncle ever. He thought he was pretty funny too. My peoples liked to drink a little bit so there was always an intoxicated adult around to make fun of.
I actually had another old Aunt who lived in a place called Locust Bayou, and she had about 13 kids, of which none came to see her in her nursing home when she got sick. I do not know those cousins and don't want to. She was my mom's and aunts half sister, and also their cousin. It's a long story.
Ok, I'll just tell you.
Seems like back in the day, it was customary that if a man died and left a widow with kids, his unattached brother should step up and marry her. So that's what happened. My granny was married to brothers and had one child with the first hubby, then the rest of her kids with the brother of the first, or her second husband.
(Yes, those are banjos you are hearing)

Ok, enough of the straight up family tree of me. We do have a few branches, but our gene pool is murky and a little shallow.

But we have fun.


Thauna said...

I love your stories...made me laugh. You're not alone and we have weird family histories in Utah as well.

GardeningJo said...

I hate using the following abbrev., but, LOL!

dragyonfly said...

I don't mind a little LOL, Jo....sometimes you just gotta LOL or you will LYM.(lose your mind)

thanks Thauna...I'd like to read some of your Utah stories...isn't that those old salty Mormons up there?

teri said...

You would have been a perfect candidate for homeschool with that imagination! Lucky you -- you got lots of attention growing up. But it sounds like the transition to school was tough.