Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little poetry 4u..

A Haiku for you:

Bone tired soul weary.

Wrought iron will worn thin, rusted.

Rotting and wretched.

Formless Freeform Fateful furp:

Lions, my lions,

strong and yellow eyed killers

maned and muscled

soft with claws to catch

maws of death

The color of grass.


lea goldberg said...

oh!LOVE the first one!well done slobbo!
i hope you have a beautiful leather bound book to write your finished pieces in-if you haven't got one ,you should have!
best wishes from england poet!

dragyonfly said...

Lea, I looked at them the other day and decided I scribble too much for a leather journal...LOL...So I stick with spiral notebooks. I cant bear to scribble in leather books. Even if they ARE mine.