Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Luc Bat (vietnamese poetry)


In this darkness, I lie

if a shadow can, cry aloud

to mock the reaper's shroud

folly to be so proud, so wrong.

To disregard your song

I knew it all along, you see,

For it lived deep within me

My heart held the key, to unlock

the ever ticking clock

and to my utter shock, I died.


Holli said...

This was beautiful...I loved it.

lea said...

hi there!
i like reading your work-have you thought about giving haiku a try?-i think you'd be really good at capturing the thoughts in a succinct way....
still reading your blog
best wishes

Jo said...

Jeepers. (That was my oh so poetic reaction to the ending, lol!)

dragyonfly said...

Thanks guys are the greatest inspiration...

check out lea's and
if I ever get a book together, im gonna get her to illustrate it..