Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuff about me

My favorite word is..BRAWP..try it! Just say it out loud...You gotta emphasize the Br and the P..Your lips sort have to of flap around. My family "brawps" when something is funny, but not funny enough to warrant a full throttle belly bustin' laff.

My Least favorite word....."Nurrrrrse" said with a waver in the middle immediately followed by "I need a bedpan" or even worse, "I needed a bedpan, but couldn't find my call light."

Nasty teeth turn me off.

My favorite sound is John Hiatt's songs.

I hate heart monitor alarms and Iv pump alarms.

My favorite curse word is Bitch...but you gotta say it with your lips flapped out for the B and a drawl in there, and emphasize the ITCH part. Like Bitch Please.

I wanna be a writer.

I definately do NOT wanna be a Gastrointestinal Research Nurse.

When I get to heaven, I want God to say, "Girl, you crack me UP."


kitty said...

stumbled across your blog(hope i didn't break anything...)-one of the funniest and down to earth i've seen-hope you keep it up!sooooo many don't even deserve a brawp(with or without lips a-flappin'-let alone a laff.
you really gotta write -go part time nursing if you can-i;m a full time artis-bout the same age as you ol'timer-and i;d rather grow me own veggies and penny pinch tha ever get a real job.ok...keep writing cos i am watching!
www, advertising)

Jo said...

You are a writer!

green-bean said...

You are amazing, you forgot to add that. ;)

By the way, LOVE the bitch and brawp additions, not to mention the last one.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Lea and Jo,
Lea, your art is amazing!!! I am willing to bet you illustrate childrens books already, but if you don't, I surely want you to illustrate my story book.

Anonymous said...

lol!you write it hun i'll illustrate it!

teri said...

Lea's funny. So are you. You are a great writer. Did you mean a writer-for-pay? That's almost an oxymoron? (Isn't that a perfect word?) That's like a working musician. Ha! (working at finding a job is more like it.) But if you really want to be a writer, you can practice by starving first...

kitty said...

o.....i can give you LOTS of tips on starving.....

but i'd still rather do what i do than get a real job!
t'aint so bad-you get relly adept at money juggling-i don't owe any money-and credit card-whassat?
beware the poverty of having everything-kitty has spoken!

Thauna said...

You always make me smile!!! Love this post and love the way you write!

dragyonfly said...

Big Brawp to all the comments...thanks ya' guys made my day, week, month.

Ya'll go check out Lea's artwork, it is great!!