Friday, May 29, 2009

My Lions

My Lions

Lions, my lions.
Strong and yellow eyed
Muscled, maned
and menacing
the color of grass,
hiding in plain view.
Silently measuring
speed and distances
planning the pounce,
panting with hot breath.

Lions, my lions.
Well, dad, were there
too many hours lined up
on the clock for you?
Too much time to fill?
Bone tired, soul weary
Iron will, worn thin.
Rusted, rooted, wretched.
You took a side door
that we didn't see.
The epitaph reads wrong
Your reason was warped but
your rationale was right.

Lions, my Lions.
Mother, there is life in your pain
pain in this life, after all.
and for all of this
endless suffering, surely
you are becoming an angel,
earning your wings.
Breeder of family
Brooder of ties that bind
Tending of home fires,
of futures, and fathers who fall.
Such mortal pain shall surely be rewarded.

Lions, my lions
The head knows the truth but
The heart will not hear it.
It lays naked on the floor
for any who would look.
Yet veils cover the eyes
fog clouds the brain.
What the heart wishes to see
is never the reality.

A mask hides the face
a menace unknown
Emerging enraged,
as points razor sharp.
ripping the fragile fabric facade
draped over certainty
of what is thought to be true
into shreds of grief
of disbelief,
for who we knew
used to be you.

Lions, my lions.
We the victors,
the virtuous women.
We breed glowing eggs in the
dream-scape of life.
And on our journey we take
translucent wanting and
Our memories of water.


Anonymous said...

Deb, The "reading" last night was awesome! Your Lion poem was wonderful - touching - I enjoyed it when you read it but having it here to read again is a gift - thank you. The whole "ensemble" experience was exciting and helped me more that I thought possible - and I have plans to return but it might be for the next Spring workshop, depending on my work schedule. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again. Happy Writing,
Jane Barcroft

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I know how hard it is to share and release our lions.

Lizzi said...

Wow Deb! This is quite a powerful piece! I love the image of lions hiding in plain view. And how great that you got to be part of a reading.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks ladies...Jane, I have enjoyed our group so much. I want to do them continuously, but fear I am becoming too dependent on them. So I am taking a little hiatus myself. Hopefully my novel will start itself. LOL..

Jo, I know you understand lions. Thanks for always being so encouraging...
You too, are always so bright and I love your blog and you always are so encouraging.
I appreciate all the encouragement given. It helps my self esteem and makes me think maybe I can write a little bit.


Brian Miller said...

dang...i will confess your poem snuck up on me...the stanza about dad just about whipped my head in the turn....dang...seriously powerful piece...

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your poem. I was taken aback by the turn of the Lions to the introduction of the human. Very powerful.Thanks for sharing.

Heaven said...

This is a deep and emotional write ~

I specially like these lines/part:

Breeder of family
Brooder of ties that bind
Tending of home fires,
of futures, and fathers who fall.

Beachanny said...

Being a Leo myself, I identified with this poem. I love the way you worked it down from the real lions to the metaphoric lionesses who rear, protect, fiercely fight, and provide for all families. Excellent piece.

RMP said...

this pounced from the African prairie to the backyard. intense and quite impressive.