Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tornadoes and Burger King

Friday PM..one of the few times that I am actually completely alone at home, getting ready to go to work, while watching this red horseshoe shaped storm hurtle towards us on the doppler radar, Im thinking to myself, "I should have already left". My elderly dog who pretty much ignores me, was wrapped around my legs. Now, technically we should have had plenty of daylight left, but suddenly we were in the dark, as the electricity (predictably) went out. Our power goes out if you fart too loud.
So I gather up my candles and kerosene lamps and commence to looking for a lighter. In a house hold full of smokers, you would think lighters would be plentiful. This is not the case over here. You can never find one when you need it. Suddenly I notice the outside has turned a yellow-green color and the wind is howling, and my dog is looking up at me like, "Uh...can we like, take cover now?" So we head to what I like to think of as the center of the house, the bathroom. I sit on the toilet and hold my sage and citrus candle in the dark and Neelix, a fifty pound husky, is behind the toilet.
Now for you folks who don't live in Tornado alley, a yellow green atmosphere is never a good thing. Its not the actual sky. Its the air. Its what the world looks like right as the cold and warm fronts meet.
Hail is next and is pounding loudly on the metal awning as I waited impatiently for it to "blow over". Then a deep rumbling, thought something was just vibrating. So didn't worry about it.

Only later did I find out that that noise was a tornado going over my house. It picked up a tree around the corner and flung it into a house, ripped a branch off my tree and hurled it into my pool, bending the frame, but sparing our house.
It took a right turn and mowed over several utility poles at the corner and killed power in our neighborhood for several days.
It went a bout a mile and took a left and mowed down trees along a busy road in Bartlett.
I have heard Tornadoes referred to as "the finger of God" and I agree with that powerful statement. Just a touch and all is splinters.
I am grateful that we were not really affected, other than the slight bent frame of our pool and a few hours without power.

It seems like we are getting more tornadoes than usual lately. I guess it must be the global warming we are hearing so much about. Burger King here in Memphis was advertising on their signs that Global Warming is Baloney.
So I am done with Burger king. I really don't eat that crap anymore, but I'm especially done with them.

I guess everyone has a right to his opinion, and I have a right not to spend my money there.....It's all good.


Brenda said...

I was sitting here reading this feeling anxious for you and the doggie. the bathroom? why in the bathroom? if the porcelain sink was picked up throw at you, it would hurt.

I have noticed that there has been an eerie yellow color around here lately. It comes near dusk, but only happens when it has been sunny and then looks rainy.

It is an absolutely glorious glow, but really scary too.

dragyonfly said...

Hey Brenda... the bathroom is the ONLY room in my house without windows, however, it does have this gigantic mirror over the sink. Plus you can lay down in the bathtub and if the house collapses around you, the theory is that the tub might protect you, I don't see that happening but when the "finger of God" is pointing at you, you just get real low and try to be very small. That day we all got low.

Brandie said...

wow! i love storms but tornado's scare the bejeezus out of me.

i'm glad the damage was minimal. i can't even imagine.

Jo said...

OMG, thank goodness you and pup are alright! We get that yellow green glow here too (and sometime orange) - we get nasty thunderstorms & micro-bursts a lot though we've been under tornado warnings more this season & last than I can ever recall.

You did the right thing going into the bathroom! Especially because it doesn't have windows. If you have to and you're able, try dragging a mattress in there with you and getting in the tub with it over you. (Sounds ridiculous, I know but it should protect you if anything falls on you).

A tornado hit 15 miles east of us in Lancaster PA while we were in Gettysburg PA last week - the weather that afternoon was HELL! (We were under a tornado warning - hail, 60 mile an hour winds, rain so hard we couldn't see to leave the bar we had lunch in (if you're gonna get stuck anywhere in weather like that, what better place than a "haunted" tavern?!) trees down, trees struck by lightning... All the makings of a Stephen King movie/novel!).

Cindy said...

Glad you & doggy came through ok! Scary-scary for you especially being alone. What the hell is your Burger King thinking? Yea, its just baloney...as the icebergs melt....

lea goldberg said...

glad you're ok-where'd we be without the slobbpoet?
and burger king is the devils food-which is prolly why the fickle finger of fate was forkin' right atcha!
being english(or more precisely british)we don't get tornados but the rains changed in recent years-no longer the refreshing rain-more like monsoons-you can kayak down our street when the rains in the right direction!
and it bashes the berhoogers out of my garden!

Holli said...

I know that tornado feeling.... totally SUCKS!! I'm really glad you are ok and what a close call right?? That's crazy!!!

Mandy said...

That is very scary. Thankfully you are both okay. I could never live in a high tornado area. One of the reasons I like the East Coast...worst thing we get is blizzards.

Sarah said...

Glad you're okay!! Tornadoes are just about my worst fear, so I'm lucky I live in NY.

And good for you, taking a stand against Burger King! I've thought that the increase in major storms is a sign of global warming for ages, glad someone shares my sentiments.

Thauna said...

Wow, glad you and your puppy made it through and you didn't have major damage to your house! Blessed that the "finger of God" passed you by!!! That is so scary.

Why on earth would that BK put that on their sign...just crazy. We have being having April weather all through June and I think it's something to do with global warming too. It seems like like seasons are shifting.

teri said...

First of all, I'm so relieved that you are ok and all is well. I've heard it's best to go to the bathroom and get in the tub with a mattress on top of you. I once made mykids go into the closet under the stairs when we had tornado warnings in NEW JERSEY and they still laugh at me years later, but that is the right thing to do, isn't it? (and there WAS a small tornado.) And why would Burger King put up such ignorance?

dragyonfly said...

Thank you one and all for your kind words and comments. We got our pool all fixed up and we are most fortunate. Many peoples homes were hit by trees and poles. We always have violent spring weather, you kind of get used to it. But I have never heard the legendary "rumble" before.

While there is no rain in sight, the heat is incredible right now. Today the heat index thingy was 110 or something like that. Thats the temprature and the humidity calculated together....LOL.

So we soak in the pool all day, since it is fixed good as new thanks to Nationwide Insurance.