Friday, July 17, 2009


God hath wrought a plaque upon me
Raging like a wind ripped fury
Tearing my heart up from all moorings
Flung about, contused and abraided,

Fevered with pain, a soul is bleeding
Bleeding to die, bleeding to live.
A pain I cannot feel, but mine
so constant a companion,

Beloved one so settled now,
Soon to be unquiet.
Beads to form
upon your brow
the yellow cast
of perfect skin
While the fire ants stir
your blood.

Slumber now my love!
All to soon you will arise
like a vampire.
Your cycles set to night
to walk with
the living dead;
A zombie yourself.
Shambling toward your victims
as they hold a green lifeblood
jingling in deep pockets.

Prick your flesh,
close your eyes
and it will go away.
For a day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Cherubim hover
awaiting a moment
The heart's an empty house.
Waiting to be filled..
Needing; but knowing not what it needs.
Wanting; something unknown.
How can you miss what you do not know?