Monday, August 17, 2009

Delicious chocolate candy

Can I just say I love M&M's? What is it about those little jewels of chocolate? It is definitely my favorite candy, that's for sure for sure.
I love the plain ones, but peanut will do if I need a shot of protein. That hard little shell is like a little clay pot in my mouth. It cooks the chocolate to just the right softness right before it collapses with a papery pop that only a thin candy shell can pop like.
Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Feeling the raised M with my tongue and squishing it between the roof of my mouth and rolling it between my teeth, feeling the little clicks like glass on glass.

Two, three, or six at a time, rarely ever just one. Matching is very important in M&M world, for instance 2 browns and 3 greens is a good combo, as well as blue and yellows.

Lay them out straight on a rolled up tongue, or pack your jaws full and suck the juice and squash the chocolate all over your cheeks and teeth. Then open your mouth and show your friends.

Of course you can always just sit them out prettily in a candy dish for decorationing. They look like lovely little buttons. But if I come by, beware, I will eat your pretty little buttons.

There is no such thing as a stale or old M&M.
If fact, when King Tut's tomb was opened, guess what they found in there? And that dude, Sir whateverhisnamewas....swiped them right out of that sarcophagus, and ate them before any photos were taken. He couldn't help himself because he, too, was an M&M junkie.
Not many people know that.

There was also M&M's found in the Aztec catacombs...apparently used as trail markers, but were so small and hard to see in the dark, that the poor Aztecs got lost and ended up in the jungles of Ixiltan and became Mexicans.

But I digress.

I bet there are even some M&M's on Mars. Oh, wait. Mars MAKES them...


Brenda said...

you are crazy! were you high on a chocolate fix when you wrote this? i cracked up laughing the whole way through especially about the part of how Mexicans became Mexicans.

I like the premium ones with the raspberry in die for! Unlike King Tut, there won't be any found in my tomb, 'cause I have no self control.

teri said...

premium ones with raspberry? hmmm. My husband bought me some that said "lou and teri" for our anniversary. but then they seemed too special to eat so I kept them til they got old and then they weren't any good.

I like the peanut kind but then i eat so many I get sick.

So I guess i need to leave the M&M's alone?

Jo said...

I LOVE this post Deb! This is great. (My Aunt Judy keeps a covered dish with M&M's in it all the time and I can't not have some when I'm at her house). I didn't know there were 'premium ones with raspberry...' Must go find these now!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Love it!

Lora said...

since you wrote this, I've eaten six (SIX) bags of M&Ms! I like to melt them under my tongue and then flip them to the top to be crushed between my tongue and roof and let the chocolate melt down my throat.

Snack time. Make that seven