Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Light and Still-life

littered with debris.
Stickyspots start out as
spilled sweet-tea
drips and slops.
Conscience crumbs
collect on countertops.

Doghair tumbleweeds roll in;
gathering in corners, then
join together to make small dogs.
Organic brew in rubbermaid bin
Oldflys die of natural causes.
Time moves on and pauses...

Darkness dusty
with shades pulled down
no one is at home,
echoes are the only sound.
A heart like a stone,
Jaded and cynical
to the bone.

Light leaks in, lights up
fairy-dust webs dancing on air.
Pinpoints of tiny lights
illuminate the pall of night.
Now, arising from deep slumber
dreaming; dreading the thunder.
The light offers a ray,
a surge of courage.
a thing to hold to;
cling onto today
keep the night at bay.

Ancient crone with ancient broom
awakens, drunk with the light.
Gathers her mirth and
garners her might,
and battles the drudge
of the dreaded drama
from this tomb of gloom
allowing in the light.


Holly said...

I love that one...

dragyonfly said...

Thank Holly

Brian Miller said...

i am glad a little light makes its way in the rather gloomy home...gloomallowing, what a cool word...

Sabio Lantz said...

Very, very nice. A haunting, tripy tour!

PS- you have CAPTCHA turned on. Please turn it off. it took 3 times to submit this. thanx

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Lovely lovely imagery here.

This old crown likes the light and loves the dark - for in the dark she can procrastinate re the gathering dust...

Anna :o]

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Oops - that should be old crone!

dragyonfly said...

thank you all for your lovely comments, and Sabio, I think I have figured out how to turn it off....lol

Peggy said...

Thanks for coming by Poetry Jam and posting. I hope you will write a poem specifically for our prompt here and post that one here too. I liked the concrete images you created here.

Helen said...

... and a happy new year to you!!!

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Peggy I was actually trying it out with an oldie. But every year I strive for the same things so I thought it appropriate.

Mary said...

This doesn't seem to fit the prompt over at Poetry Jam...which is not even linked back to.

dragyonfly said...

Ok I think I made a mistake. So sorry to have not linked back to, got off topic

dragyonfly said...


SaraV said...

Great images! I love that beginning stick-spots start out as spilled sweet tea and doghair tumbleweeds (can completely relate, have a husky mix!) A beautiful poem. Really enjoyed this :-)

dragyonfly said...

Sara v, my "dog hair tumbleweed" roll off of my husky too lol. Funny u should know that.

Dana Dampier said...

Beautiful... and I have dog hair tumbleweeds myself!!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Beautiful imagery --- the artistic and the ordinary in a lovely mix! (Doghair tumbleweeds. So cool.)