Monday, September 7, 2009


I have been catching up on my Blog Reading and trying to getting back in the swing of writing again. My writing seems to be turning the corner, I seem to be coming out of the very dark place that I found myself in for so long, and I am very happy about that. Lots of good stuff going on.

I am very excited about an upcoming event here in Memphis that I am proud to be a part of. Our writing group, The Memphis Writers Ensemble spearheaded by a wonderful woman named Valentine is going to have a booth at one of our local festivals, this year. The booth will feature a different writer every hour or so and if you would like a poem written about you, or a photo, or an animal or a baby or whatever you have with you, for $5.00 a little piece will be created for you on the spot, handed over and the money goes to a local charity. It seems like a good way to spend time with my co-writers and it will be very spontaneous writing. I wonder what It will feel like to give away my creative bites of spontaneity? I hope I can let them go easily. I get rather attached to my oh-so-random thoughts.

Speaking of random thoughts, I subscribe to a blog produced by a man who has advancing Alzheimers and his blog is fascinating to me. You may have heard of him If you watched HBO's special about Alzheimers disease. His name is Joe Pocotny and his blog is Living with Alzheimers here on blogspot. I believe he is very brave to get online and blog about what is happening to him on a daily basis. Some days he sits in front of the screen and can't remember how to turn on his computer. He has post it notes all around. He wonders when he will forget how to read his notes. Most of the time he is mellow and funny, but alot of the time he is very colorful and forthright in his anger of the toll his disease has taken. He is a very intelligent man and it shine thru his blog. Go check him out, he loves company. Joe's blog is awesum.
Some days I wonder If that is where I am headed. Some days I feel like there are blank spots in there, or a short circuit. People tell me thats normalwith age and stress, but I think Im pretty aware of it when it happens and its very uncomfortable. It makes you feel inadequate in some ways. Like when people catch you forgetting something, they think ahhhhhh....shes getting senile. I don't know. Maybe I am.
I did my share of partying a few short decades ago. Maybe I damaged my brain smoking all that pot. It's been a long time but I could maybe be a test subject for a new age propaganda film, "THE DANGERS OF SMOKING POT AND LONG TERM EFFECTS"
It's no secret I was a smoker, everyone who knows me knows it. But what they don't know, perhaps is that I never really liked it. It made me nervous and jittery and never all calm and laid back, like everyone else. And I don't know why I did it for so long. So don't ask.

Another blog I totally enjoy is one called Oh the Urbanity! by a cute little gal named Lora. I started out reading her Jakezilla blog and shes so funny and entertaining I naturally gravitated over to her other blog, a photoblog called, Oh The Urbanity.
What she does is she walks around town with her really good cell phone camera, and snaps pix of such random and interesting things, that every day I can't wait to go see what she has posted. One thing I have noticed, in her town of Philadelphia, is that the people there tend to wear entire ensembles of matching colors. For instance one lady was wearing a orange Fru Fru dress, orange head band, orange flip flops, orange bag, and the whole thing was orange. Kind of an orange sherbet orange.
She captures all sorts of interesting signs, and transvestites, and bicycles with additions such as a double fan apparatus across the handle bars.
She is encouraging me to start an Urbanity blog for my fair Memphrica...
I have one photo already I snapped while in line at the post office, but I felt so obvious and i felt like the people behind me were watching me take a picture of this lady who was dressed hideously. Our photojournalist Lora is a professional and can do it while everyone around her thinks she is texting, but she's probably taking your photo. Especially if you are dressed weird.
Go check her out. Oh the Urbanity! on blogspot.

More to come............
My first attempt at COVERT BLOG REPORTING on why fat girls should not wear ? bikini unders or maybe a thong thing.

I, myself, am a fat girl.

Luv yall


Lizzi said...

What a great idea for your booth! I hope you have a great time! I'm a Urbanity and Jakezilla/Fever fan too. Lora's so stealthy with her camera phone. I see so many people I'd like to digitally capture but I'm paranoid they'll find me out!

teri said...

ok, Ill go look. and this lady? She deserves to get her picture taken and to SEE it, since we all have to see HER dressed like this.

Lora said...

thank you for the nice words!
And you know I think of you now every time I see someone wearing all one color, I just wish I could always be so quick with my phone. (It's a regular old Blackberry, nothing fancy. BB actually has the worst camera on it of all my cell phones EVER and it clicks when you take a picture, so that can be rough)

more secret pics please!
Like I said, you should start your own Urbanity blog! Memphis? Girl, come on! It's got to be crawling with good stuff!

Jo said...

I'm so glad for you that you're coming out of the dark and into the light with your writing! And what a wonderful idea the writer's booth is! Good luck with that! I'm an Oh the Urbanity/Jakezilla/Fever fan too. I saw that HBO doc. I haven't read his blog. All I can say about that pic is: She must not have any mirrors in her home! (I'm a chunky gal and I can say that!)

dragyonfly said...

The festival booth was a smashing sucess! More about it is such an awesum idea.