Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Quietest Thing

After all of the words;
the verbal victories and defeat,
the examinations, ruminations
dissections and assasinations.

The Taking Down
and Tearing Apart
inspection, introspection
justification, reiteration
retaliation, annihilation.

After all of the the weeping
and wailing
thrashing, gnashing,
lashing and bashing
lying, crying, sighing
and dying.

After all is said done, signed, sealed
delivered, dumped and disposed of,
the only thing left standing
residual or real,
timeless and tangible
stiff with substance
silent and solid
judgmental, intuitive
unmovable, immobile, rooted.

Is the persistently quiet of Knowing
with invisible eyes closed,
hiding behind the veil
of delusion and doubt.

Waiting for the freefall
of faith and courage
into the abyss of truth.


Sabio Lantz said...

OK hip chick, where the hell did you put that one out of?

The meaning is vague enough as to provoke exactly the freefall your poem crashes with.

You used capital letters as punctuation sparingly. Besides at head of stanzas you give us:
Taking Down
Tearing Apart

If it were theology, it would be apophatic.
If it were Buddhist, it would be tantric.
If it were secular, it would be absorption.

Your stanzas of 'tion', 'ing', and aliterations were hypnotizing.

The final verse gives value to the often maligned abyss and virtue to falling.

Nicely done.

Brian Miller said...

very cool...i like the build up in this through the first 3/4 as it opens it up to the reality of many and allows us to join in your words...and i like the release as well...that beyond it all there is this...quiet of knowing is a cool turn of phrase and makes one think as well....and faith is often a a fall...a realization that there is nothing we can do but....

dragyonfly said...

Thanks guys. I never know what to do with my commas.

Bar None Publishing Group said...

The truth should never be an abyss...the truth frees. That being said, a very nice write indeed.
Mark Butkus

Anonymous said...

This poem has a great energetic pace with a nice landing at the end, much like that of a release~ nice. Jason

Tracy Kuhn Greenlee said...

yes yes yes,... i agree. as we are stripped of all the outside things emotions and junk, we find the truth...your piece is magnificent...has a great pace and beautiful ending of truth..thank you

dragyonfly said...

Thank you sabio brian Tracy Jason and mark for reading and your kind comments.

Kutaville Villa said...

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