Friday, October 23, 2009

Summer's End

Air, crisp like the first bite
of a new harvest apple
whiffs of smoke from
a distant fire
A wispy memory of something primal,
Smells like running away weather.

Flat sound of endless water
on pavement
the old timers say
"like a cow pissing on a flat rock".
Wetness like a woman's promise,
for new life in the spring.

Darker earlier,
days grown short.
Later longer.
Green turns gray
Light creeps away
before the end of the day.
And in the endless night
any ray of light
seems so bright.

Night lingers
with cold clammy fingers,
stirs old fears and dread
and sleep, as if dead.


Brian Miller said...

running away weather...that is pretty cool....i like that turn of phrase...i could def sleep longer in the winter months too....goodness...

Claudia said...

yes, light gets so precious in that dark season..i love to light candles to make the cold a bit warmer..smiles

Anonymous said...

Running away weather - great image.

Nico said...

Those first two lines are absolutely perfect--like a crisp apple. Very good work here!

Laurie Kolp said...

Love this!

RMP said...

I love the imagery in this; you really paint a stunning picture with your words, especially with the opening stanza.

Mike Keegin said...

I was raised on a small farm in a small whistle stop in Maryland. While reading this the smells of Fall came into my senses. The memory of how I was as a wide eyed little energized rascal came to me. Thanks.