Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aloof, Adrift.
Pondering precedents
of quaking witches,
spells spoken aloud.
The stench of putrification
surrounds all, masking efforts
to wax normal.
We divine spontaneous combustion...
Rabid with needs and cringing.
Sinister, shadowed, unsafe
Awaken!! The day is no more

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The games squirrels play

What a beautiful and brilliant fall day!

Is like the sun and the leaves and the sky are all competing in a beauty contest. So much darkness and rain has surrounded my life this year but a day like today makes everything else seem so washed out and distant.
I love the crisp air of fall and the atmosphere of an impending... something. It's like you are waiting, but you don't know what for. I have discovered in my ponderings and reading that Autumn is when you say goodbye to the sun, prepare for the cold long dark winter and look forward to the greening of the earth and the new life of spring. So I guess we are waiting for the return of spring...I don't know for sure what it is, but I like it.
My friend Ellen and I used to call this "running away weather" because we would always plot our escape in the fall. And if we did run off, it was always in Autumn. Once we "ran away" on her minibike and was carrying my dog moon on the small scooter as well as my bag of clothes and treasures. A motorcycle cop stopped us for riding triple on a scooter, without helmets, going the wrong way on a public street. In fact, he said, we were breaking about 562 laws but he would let us go if we promised to go home. Ok, we said and tottered on our way, still laughting about it 40 years later. We were not scared at all, and we kept asking him did "he see Evil Kinevil jump all those buses on TV last nite".
I think we might have made his day. I am not making this up.

I love to walk along, kicking up leaves and crunching on the fallen pecans and acorns abandoned by the hyperexcited squirrels as they run to and fro getting everything ready for winter. Right now they are all fat and wild for nuts, dashing into the street without a clue as to what might be barrelling down on them. I always thought birds and squirrels played a game to see which group could get closest to a car without getting slammed by it. You know how birds dive bomb cars and squirrels dash out in front of your car? I imagine they have a point system, rules and keeping score and everything.
Birds and squirrels.

Sitting here thinking of birds and squirrels and leaves, I have an urge to write something poetic.
But I will restrain myself because I think I might be wearing out my poetic muse, and I might need to switch up and write something fiction-ish.
I have put off this children's book forever, and now might be the right time. My ten year old editor is living with me now and she is my best and worst critic. She has a fine eye for a story. I'm glad shes here. She is very light hearted and I need some light hearted-ness in my life. I hate that I have to enforce things such as homework, but oh well. We all had it. It has always sucked.

I also think about cooking soup alot on these fall evenings. Soups I would never even eat, like cold pumpkin soup or clam chowder. What's that about?

My newest obsession is eating ice. I can crunch through a Mickey D's sweet tea in 3o minutes flat. I suck up the tea then commence to chowing down on the thin glass like shards of ice mixed with sugar flavor until my teeth and mouth freeze up or Im done. Which ever comes first. And if my mouth freezes up, well I just wait until i get feeling back in it and then im at it again.

I have also developed a bad starbucks pumpkin spice latte habit. 360 calories folks. Everyday. So now I have to quit that, also my tea at McD's. That is about 300 cals too. That's alot of empty calories, folks.

Anyway, I just wanted to show ya'll I'm still alive and kicking in Memphis Tn and not dead after all.

Peace out.
Deb in Memphrica