Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, shitfire and tarnation

Life is always just full of surprises, isn't it? When you think you might be making a little bit of progress, WHAM! You get knocked back 4 places and don't get to pass go or collect the 200.00 or any thing even remotely like it. I just have to ask myself what did I do to deserve all of this drama and suspense? I know I should be thankful for certain things, but dammit sometimes it's hard to be thankful when it seems like the shit is falling out of the sky directly on to your head. I keep wondering what can I do to turn this karma bus around?
I have been trying to play house in an insane asylum for a lot of years. I am most likely the head inmate, the Chief Broom of this facility, if you will.

It's like Ellen said, "What if we were really in an insane asylum, and you are my toast. I would be talking to my toast." It makes perfect sense to me now. It made sense then too, but I kind of forgot it somehow along the way. We used to say if you don't get all the crazy out now (as a teenager) you will be crazy when you grow up. Well, now we know, right? I guess I didn't laugh and get it all out when I was a kid, because I am crazy as a loon now.
But I have been driven here.

Ranting right along, I would like to say that this comedy/tragedy will come to an end one day. One day this old slobblogger won't be here to comfort her offspring, offer them sanctuary, loan them money or otherwise offer her services. What the hell will happen to them then? I guess they don't really worry about it, so why should I?
I do believe my heart is becoming stone. I have no emotional outbursts nothing surprises me anymore.
I can tread on eggshells and mostly do not break them. Is this a skill that I should be proud of?

My heart is heavy is leaden. My face feels like it is growing longer, my frown lines deeper, and I also suffer from terminal slum-pucker. My favorite thing to say used to be, "don't expect anything, and you won't be disappointed." Well, I should take my own advice, right?