Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memphis Urbanities and other items of interest.

I have been doing alot of writing lately and feel good about that aspect but feel like it may be time to try to pile some of it together for an attempt at publication. Now I have no idea if my insane rantings and ravings and ramblings are of any interest to anyone, but I have read some stuff that seemed random and disorganized, like mine. So i think I have a pretty good shot at it. A little book of poems and prose ramblings and so on.. What do you guys think?
Does anyone here have anything published and could maybe give me some advice?
I really have no idea where to start.

I have started a photo blog of my city of residence called Memphis Urbanity, and have been having fun taking photos of different aspects of my city. Please feel free to go have a look.

It is very difficult to get good photos with my cell phone so I have started taking my digital camera around with me. It takes much better pictures, thats for sure.

Big bad weather is supposed to hit us tonight, and Memphis is trying to get prepared. I, on the other hand, am dying my hair. I guess I will get up after while and go to the store so I can say I got my bread and milk. What I really want is a generator. Now thats a good idea. We have had a few times where one would have been really helpful. Especially that time Hurricane Elvis blew thru here and left us without aircondtioning for 2 weeks. We had a big meat cookout and cooked everything in the freezer. I think we had just bought half a cow. After we finished up all the meat, we got in the car and drove to Detroit, Michigan to stay with relatives.

Day in the life.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Delicious Caramel Candy

Delicious caramel candy.
Sticky, stringy,
perfectly burnt sugar.
Jaws achey with love.

Crunchy candy apples.
Yummy, sweet and tart
gluing teeth together
aiming for the heart.

Melting chocolate candy,
orgasmic for the tongue,
soothes the savage beast within;
bathes the brain like a drug.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Claws N Fangs, Chihuahuas and taters

One month later after "shitfire and tarnation" I am coasting along nicely, I still have a pulse. In other words, I didn't die.
Daily life around here is hectic at best. My inner biznatch is closer to the surface than ever, and I have to beat her back continuously, at home and at work. I usually go to work to get some rest, but here lately, our laidback weekends have taken on a weekday persona.
Add to that a recent addition to the median age of 45 in our tight little group, a youngster of 23, who delights in annoying the old people. (us)
I have had to retract my claws and fangs several times this past weekend and once or twice snapped but didn't draw blood. She is like a yapping chihuahua. You know, the-little-dog-who-thinks-shes-a big-dog syndrome? I digress.

There is that, and then there is this cold weather that makes my bones ache like they never have before. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's not supposed to get this cold in Memphis..we are subtropical for gods sake.

So the Memphis Urbanity thing really hasn't worked out like I had hoped it would, mainly because my cell phone is not good for sneaky pics, and the quality is crap. So I need to carry my digital camera around with me everywhere. I think that is a winning idea, because not only will I get good Memphis URbanity photos, I will be able to practice with my camera, which I haven't spent nearly enough time with due to my current living situation. So Im thinking thats a definate thing I can do.

I have a lot of plans in my head for house improvements and yard updates, but not any money to back them up, so I have been working some extras for that plus daughter number 2's tuition....sigh.

Waiting on my husband to take me to the movies, I am full and sleepy. He made divine ribs for dinner and we feasted on that along with the slaw and beans he lovingly made. He has turned into quite a southern gentlemen. You rock in the rib department sweetie!

Not to be outdone, I made some kick ass chicken N dumplings last week, and they were dang good, too. I like not HAVING to cook everyday, but I still enjoy it when I want to do it. Beans and hambone sound good too......mmmmmmmm. Wonder what happened to that honey baked ham hambone? Hmm.

Well, keep your eyes open for more postings, I hope to get back to this on a regular basis, I have resumed my writing class with my friend and Muse, Valentine. I keep thinking I can do it on my own, but I enjoy the camaraderie of the group writing too. It validates me somehow. So does this blog, when people comment and say things about my writing, makes me feel like maybe I am a little bit talented. I keep thinking maybe I will start on that book but I keep getting locked up in rhyme and poetry. I guess I am working on some issues through abstract writing. It IS rather therapeutic.

Since we have a babysitter for one more night, Hubbster and I are going to see Sherlock Holmes. Maybe I can figure out how to figure out stuff.

Laters taters.