Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feelin' Sorry for myself.

Here we are at another spring season. The trees are all happy and ready to burst into green goodness. Little yellow flowers trying to get a head start on the show stealing roses and irises, trying to get their moment in the spotlight. I, for one, am glad that long winter is closing. I usually love the winters but not this time. My entire 2009 was a winter and I am ready for a renewal of spirit, hope and happiness.

The words seem to have dried up, however. With the lack of drama, angst or anxiety, my little spark of creativity seems to have gone out. Im hoping my muse is just taking a well earned break and will be back soon. I get the paper out. I read what I have written. I wonder about new themes and then i put it all back up. I read books on Writing Well, 100 habits of Great Novelists, The Constant Art of Being a Writer, You, Too, Can Write Childrens Books, and so on, and it occurs to me that I might not have what it takes to be a writer. I clutter, my usage is bad. I use cliches and other forms of naughtiness that "serious" writers shun and make fun of.

I miss my writing group, i miss the camaraderie and the support and the feeling of belonging to something. They make me feel better about it all.

So here we are at another spring morning. What shall I do? I need to vaccuum, and mop my floor. See how I sabotage myself??
Where is my muse at moments like this?


Christy said...

May I suggest stop reading all of those books and thinking about all of those 'authors' and just write. The rules do not really matter as much as you think. Besides, you can clean any and or all of that up later, you know, when you have to and if you have to. But the genius, the heart and soul of it comes out like natural speak and that includes cliches and all that other real authentic stuff. And maybe with winter finally dying such a long and protracted death the birth of spring will rejuvenate your muse ;).

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Christy! You are so correct. I had thought that too...i believe that is one of my "avoidance" tactics....reading and not writing. Thanks for the good advice.

OyaSophia said...

When I get stuck, I pick one word and muse on it. This allows shorts bursts of thoughts or observations. I think the most recent one I did was on "Alice". Over a year ago, I mused on "lazy". Another one I did was on "maggots". Knowing that I am not trying to write one long blog entry allows me to relax about it. I can also Google the word I've chosen and ideas will fly at me
from all different directions. I'm not trying to be profound. I'm just having fun!