Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Kafern

You sure have been on my mind alot lately. Not that I haven't thought of you before, but you see, my heart was not allowing any more sorrow at the time of your passing. You couldn't have picked a worse time to die, unexpectedly.
You, such a vibrant being, your light blinding. Those who stood with you paled next to you, at best. And when that light went out I felt the shadow, but could not really acknowledge you were no longer on the planet with me.

My body was at your memorial, yet my spirit, my essence, was absent. Occupied else where, out to lunch. Pondering my errant offspring, no doubt. We always said you would be late to your own funeral and it was really funny how they started late in your honor, but in my opinion, for once in your life you were too early, damn it.

You were late to your wedding because you had to stop for 7 or 9 different "last times" as a single person. "The Last Time To Eat A Foot Long Slaw Dog at Sweeden Kreme as a single girl" we ate them in that car flying down Jackson Ave., as your wedding started without you..wiping mustard off your face as you threw on the big white dress, and sneeking "one last joint" in the bathroom, "as a single girl", of course.

And later, much later, while waiting on the baby (well, actually TWO babies) you shared your "secret worry" that the baby might not be Dale's, but a mixed baby. Well, you really got me on that one, I really believed that, and I had Dale so plastered by the time the TWINS came, they could have been lime green and he wouldn't have noticed. Plus there was two instead of one.

Why didn't we know there were twins in your massively huge stomach? Because you were the master at keeping everyone guessing. I know you knew, you must have...but you let us all be surprised when the two baby girls popped out. You just never knew any limits on your tricks, old trickster.

I knew it had to be you who put me on the incontinent supply mailing list, but all you said about that was, "well, it wasn't me, but it's a great idea!" Just like when you put me on Reverend Ike's mailing list and I was getting all of his prayer doo dads and his demand to "loose my money to him."

And you were the spearhead on the late in life pregnancy parade we all participated in, too. Megan was first to be born, and we teased you mercilessly about "don't you know what causes that?" and "we are too old for getting knocked up".
Then Michelle got pregnant.
Then Laura got pregnant.
Then I got pregnant.

So, here you are once again, the first to check out. Is this going to be another trend? Well, all I can say is, I hope you are there keeping a beer cold for me. Tell Janis hey for me, will ya?

I will see you again, old friend.


Cindy said...

Powerful, just powerful! Gave me pause this morning. Thanks for sharing.

dragyonfly said...

She was the fun-est best-est crazy-est person I ever knew of.

Lizzi said...

This is a beautiful tribute.