Monday, April 5, 2010

Small talk

Greetings earth people.

As I sit here waiting for a "human" to answer my call to the Department of "Human" Services I have come to the conclusion that they play the most irritating music they can find to subliminally encourage you to hang up.

So I did. I don't have enough patience or hours left on this planet to be sitting on eternal hold. You know what I mean?

Took my grand daughters over to Chattanooga last week to visit my daughter, and it was a beautiful week and we have a lot of good time together with her and the girls. It all worked out perfectly and I really like the city and surroundings landscape; very beautiful mountains and valleys. I would love to go back in the fall and see the colors change. Memphis is so flat and blah. The trees greened overnight!
My car was covered in yellow green pollen and there was a yellow green cast to the world. My nose was itching off my face, so i know for sure spring has sprung.

It twas a long drive back home, though. Do you know it cost more to fly to Chattanooga from Memphis as it does to fly to Europe? Is that not insane? Something is amiss, afoot, aloft or asomething!
So that means we will be driving, not flying back and forth.

So the month of March is behind me. My muse is still on a mini vacation, and that's ok. She deserves a break. I did what Valentine suggested and I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted me to get up and exercise and get the blood going to my brain again. She wants me to be inspired by happiness and be not so negative. She wants me to go on a retreat and get my head together. She would like for us to write some funny stuff and leave the memoir for later. We have decided on the point of time for the memoir, but it has to be later, sayeth she. Right now is time for funny and renewal. Not reflections on the times of controversy, not now. Maybe one day when my perspective is better, she said. So she said she was glad I asked, and said she would be back soon, and flitter-ed off.Said she would be back.

And that is that.
The rest, they say, is up to me.

Enough babbage...........have a great spring week. I'll be on the elliptical.