Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Absent without leave

Life sure is funny, and to get thru all the ups and downs, you just have to take life on it's own terms, i have realized. There is no rehearsal it is strictly an ad lib kind of thing.
Improvise, you know.
Improvise and overcome.
Or not.
Succumb is also an option.

A little update is in order since you have been so kind and supportive of me and my crisis du jours.

The grand daughters are doing great, looking forward to a fun summer with Aunt Lindsey, who is home from her freshman year in college. My other daughter is doing great and has been accepted to UT chattanooga and is moving into her own place soon and completes the first leg of her journey of recovery. We are very proud and excited and happy. This time last year I was not so optimistic. Thank you Lex for that lightening of my spirit and saving your own life. You are on your way up again. Awe inspiring.
Gratitude is such a small word to express how I feel.

My writing has lightened up alot, and I will be sharing it soon, but I needed to update any who might be interested in the good things happening..
Because I was so low for so long and it was not a good time for me and my family, my writing was dark and reflected my grief and sorrow. I hope the lightness will be just as obvious...

Peace and happiness to all my blogg friends.