Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blinky things and Brain jogging

Boy, have I got writers block or WHAT? I come here to my old slobbsblogg and look at the blinky thing on the blank screen and nothing comes.
I walk away and get involved with 942 other things, and it comes but then it leaves, It's like having writer's Alzheimer. I know it must be partially related to not being around my writing friends this summer, but come on. Nothing?
I have rewritten some of my old stuff that was carelessly jotted down in a notebook and put it into a beautiful journal. Not even that inspired me. But ok. I will be inspired by this perhaps. Just the act of typing and thinking of something witty to say maybe will jog my brains.
Nope. Nuttin so far. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe I don't like my blog template anymore. I will work on that.

Let's just see what happens....


Jo said...

Everyone needs a blogging break from time to time and perhaps (though I truly hope this isn't the case), maybe blogging just isn't your thing! Hope to see you back soon! (But, don't force it, that's the worst thing one can do when it comes to blogging in my book). Hope things are well with you!

Brenda said...

I like the new look. Sometimes, it is just hard to blog. Do what comes naturally!

I like to talk to Humans too when I call especially if they speak English.

teri said...

Yes. I need an assistant who can walk beside me to copy down my lofty thoughts as I walk, since they ONLY come to me as I walk. Which won't happen, so I guess the world will be bereft of my lofty thoughts.