Friday, August 13, 2010

A list of things that makes your heart beat faster.

Icy patches in the road, sudden dips.
Dark corners, strange neighborhoods
strangers lurking.
Unknown dogs.
Being lost, alone on dark roads.
Phones ringing at 3am.
High fevers and fear.
Scary movies and
Shambling monsters.
Roller coasters and sex.
Supreme cuteness and surprises.

Thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Knowledge of what I know has a direct relationship to what I think I do not know.

For instance, the fact that I am an RN in a Cardiovascular Intensive care unit setting does not mean that I should have knowledge of foreign languages and music conducting. Lets examine this array of random thoughts.

The language of medicine has its own dialects and inflections as spoken by people of various cultural origins. One has to be able to read what appears to be Arabic instructions on how to conduct the care of the human being entrusted to one's care. A returned call in the middle of the night sometimes requires an interpreter, as it is most important to hear and understand what is being said and written.
Players in the orchestra of patient care gather to play their parts in the concerto. Consider the patient a beautiful musical piece and the medical staff, nursing staff, and all areas of the hospital, harmonizing with the rest. Nurses are the conductors of the music being played upon, bringing all parts together and focusing on the music.

The rhythm is provided by the life sustaining muscle residing in the center of the music.