Friday, February 8, 2013

I am from .....part deux


I am from tittering and muffle it
shut up, your bobby's gonna schmell it.
Blum blum bluming to the house of the girl
with purple feet,
where it is running away weather.
Forever and ever.

I am from "Unison-Venison
And I'll note it."
From Pappa and Babba
and Mamba and Margarine
Little head and Ed.

For Ehhlen Pins Burnette
and Moochus Perryus, too
It's a Baby Cat, Baby Cat.
And Crane the Butler Set
Cosmo Uriah Benzentine
Mitha-Migga Vaughn.
And Alfie and Moon and Rocky.

From globules and nodules
and fungus and yeast!
Why, Rocky should ring
like a phone, at least.
Brrrring Brrrring!
What did you bring?
Me here for?

From Note the Lips
to blue suede hips
And Skelly had a party.
For you, it may all be a mystery
But makes such perfect sense to me.


Brian Miller said...

hahahaha this is marvelously fun...what a rip and you'd get me going one way then back to another topic...

Victoria said...

Very good at making me feel the schizoid aspects of my own life. I enjoyed the voice you create in this. Fun hodgepodge of memory. Kinda sassy how I read it!

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Brian that was fun to remember.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Victoria. I m glad u liked it. It was fun to write it and recall the times.

Anonymous said...

i like the second to last stanza, especially the little rhyme in there

for the thousandth time