Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Unwritten Letter (or keeping the dragons back)

In your letter ....
the one you didn't write,
you told us why

why you took
that old blue chevy
that road warrior chevy
that '78 blue chevy
drove it straight on
down to the levy
and you took your friend's gun
and you took your own life.

It killed him too, you know.
when he was told, you know.
He died himself, you know
not too long after that.
He would have given you
the shirt from off his back
or the 57 T bird, baby blue
from his collection, too.
if you asked him for it.
But that is not even close
to what you took from him
that day

that day he gave it to you
without even asking you why.
That last day
when you came by
his house
that last day
when your own house
was in order
your own home
had a new roof.
He did not know
could not have known
that we had taken your guns
out of there.
Taken because mother
was afraid of you
after 50 years;
she said you were
different and scaring her.

He didn't know
we had your brain and neck
cat-scanned and imaged
and checked and tested
for strokes and tumors
because you walked
around behind mother
with your hands
in your pockets
acting so strange
and she thought you
had a knife.

So we took
your guns away.
But he didn't know that
could not have known that
and he loved you
like a brother.
so he gave you his 44.

Why? because you asked
him for it.
And he gave it to you
 without a
single question.

And in your letter
you didn't write
you told us why.

But we already knew;
even though you
never even
left a word for us
or a note for her
or a thank you card
for him.