Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Label People

Late at night
in the kitchen
and the humans
lay a-sleeping,
many wonderlands
are hidden there,
inside the pantry

People on the labels
inanimate before,
characters we knew
from years ago,
and more.

Say,have you seen them?
certainly you have!
While you sleep
they are there!
Hush now,
and be very, very quiet .
(don't let them see you stare.)

They party deep into the night
Until old Raisin bran sun
peeks in the window and says
“it's getting light!”
Then back on
the labels they go,
strike their pose
And no one knows.

Look there,
over by the spices
the Morton salt girl,
trying to escape
bad weather
forever and ever.
Skipping through the rain,
that only she can see,
spinning her umbrella
oh, so aimlessly.
Always calling
for her pup,
and even though
it rains all day,
she keeps her spirits up.

You know I'm
No rhymer but
Lordy, there she is now..
Electric Aunt Jemima
in her do rag rappin'
and tappin'
and singin'
old timey gospel songs,
that she was taught
in church
while mixin' up
some flapjacks,
she hollers
“Ya'll come
get you some
while they is
still hot”.

Amigo Juan Valdez
and his donkey,
(poor old burdened beast)
Bringing the delicious
hot coffee
to the morning feast.
Coming slowly up
from Columbia
bags loaded with
the magic beans.
He makes his way
through jungles
each day
hardly ever being seen.

Mr. Clean scratches
his shiny bald head,
some things
he just don't get.
He tries really hard
to keep up
with the Old Dutch chick
who hasn't scratched,
not yet.
She cleans and
she cleans
all night and day
and her work is never done,
and she's never ever
left a scratch,
no, not even one.

A secret she
once told me was
She would sure like
to meet
the lady who
wears the blue bonnet,
the very same one
who always says,
“Every thing
is better
with blue bonnet
on it.”

Tap-tap, tappity-tap,
here comes Mr. Peanut,
into the room
sashaying over
to the Morton salt girl
and sweeps her 'round
like a broom.
Twirling and whirling
like a Fred and Ginger routine
The label people whisper,
“They are the perfect pair”
(For it is known that
good old salty peanuts
make the most delicious fare.)

Mr. Stay Puft
Marshmallow fellow
is with that shy gal
from the land of cheese
and milk..
her name is Swiss Miss
and she is in the family way;
you see,
they are expecting
chocolate baby
any old day.

Mr.Oscar Meyer
of the Wiener tribe
is busy getting in shape
and learning to speak jive.
Getting ready for
the big fight against
Ball Park Frank the tank,
who plumps when you cook him,
and plunks when you hook him.
Not only will he win
the golden sword,
The champion will win
the big wiener award.
(Previously held
by the Prontopup Mort.)

Chiquita Banana
with her long shapely legs,
reminds us to
never ever ever
put our bananas
in the refrigerator.

Her ripe bananas jiggled
and then she giggled
when she bent to get her shawl
when suddenly the kool aid man
bursts thru the kitchen wall
to get at those, ahem...
thirsty kids again.

Over in the corner,
by the old wood stove,
a quiet game of chess
in progress
between the
Quaker Oats man
and Old Uncle Ben.

They are talking about
the bad old days
way back when
people of color
weren't considered men.
Quaker Oats man said
he sure hoped humans
never make
that mistake again.
Uncle Ben said that
with humans,
prejudice never ends.

The Keebler elves
argue, as usual
about what to put in the
next big snack,
and when the cereal gang barges in,
its an out and out attack.

Snap, Crackle and pop
get involved in the fray
while the Irish Catholic Elves
and the Cereal Protestants
are having turf wars,
about the flavor of the day.

When they all get
a little too loud
and rowdy,
Aunt Jemima will turns around
and yell for them all to
'be quiet fools, or
them humans will wake up”,
(and you know you better
knock it off and stop
because shes got her
wooden spoon in hand
and will give your ass a pop.)

Then when its time
to go back to work
Mr. Raisin Bran sun
peeks in
to remind the label people
that its time to get back
on their boxes
and cans again.

And if you are lucky
and very, very quiet
on some rainy day
when you are bored
you may see them
yet again.


Brian Miller said...

haha this was so fun and magical...i love it...the thought that the label people come to life...i like how you went through each...familiar with them all but you gave them life...smiles.

wood said...

sometimes, in the middle of the night, i get this spooky feeling that count chocula (sp) is breathing down my neck, and now i know why.

very clever poem, enjoyed very much.

Sabio Lantz said...

Fantastic fun -- very creative -- images, a message and playful. Great combo. Thanx.

Beachanny said...

This should win an advertising prize. Love how they come to life the way my dolls did in my childhood. And through it all, a look at America now, and wise words from the elder regarding patience, long suffering, and finding common ground. Well done!

dragyonfly said...

Thanks, I had fun writing it..I appreciate the encouragment and kind words.

Mike Keegin said...