Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weather Report

Zeus indignantly storms from the room-
and slate grey clouds writhe and seethe
slashing down frozen light
into the space between
where gods dwell
and the green orb slowly turns

the ageless game is played
the odyssey continues
long and longer-
the periods end, ages begin
and millennial wagers
won, and lost again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why she can't write

She oft times sits and ponders
why she squanders to describe
in adjectives and phrases,
her trials and tribulations
believing that to write it down
would make it worse,
or even, perhaps, more real.
The usual struggle with voice ensued,
settling finally on
third person
to put some distance
between herself and it-
the story.

The tale of woe,
the Memoir.
A three headed hydra-
snapping and snarling,
drawing blood with gnashing teeth
claws that snatch
at her soul, her sanity.
Her serenity.

Standing waist deep
in a sea of shit,
holding back hordes
of undead flesh eaters-
the occasional swarm
of killer bees.
Always the magician she
pulls the rabbit from the hat
with a sleight of hand.
Or perhaps a money trick,
like a payoff.

Once more they recede,
to return another day
with renewed vitality .
Once more she again will
pick up the vorpal sword
of words, the pen in one hand
welding the medusa's head in the other;
to turn them all to stone and
still the ever-writhing story
perhaps even to slay it dead.


meeting the bar

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and that

Black and White.
More than a color
It is a rite, right?
You can't have one
without the other.

Black needs white
to show the light,
White needs black
to add some back.
Shadow needs light;
as weakness needs might,
blinded by sight
Today and tonight
wrong versus right.

Age old struggle
Pure witch,
or a muggle?
And any calm is
always in trouble.
It's either, neither
never nor;
plain or peanut,
have less or has more.
Out on the water,
or maybe ashore
up or down
window or door-
the yang or the ying
be silent or sing.
Happy,sad,mad or glad;
be good or be bad
for mom or for dad.
Age old youth
more lies or the truth.
Sun and the moon
endlessly soon
wet or dry
straight or high
eager with dread
alive or dead
beginnings of endings
together alone.

Monday, January 21, 2013


A flurry of movement inside
signals the end
of one, the beginning of

DNA is replicated-
all else is elementary

Presence of host
no longer required,
but if allowed to stay
will be changed

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time for the Helicopter

Anywhere but here
since that day seemed so long ago
strange that now it wasn't.

When she felt so radiant- irradiated
like the sun had blistered away
all the layers of skin
and facade
leaving her bare and exposed;
revealing her secrets-carefully hidden away
in the dusty rafters of childhood.
Many days had passed by wasted,

Life, like an art film
replayed in fast-forward motion
featuring the imagines
that come at life's end;
flickering in the dark.
alone in the theater,
sitting for review.

Thoughts mumble low now,
no longer shouting down one another
accustomed to being disregarded,
they politely wait their turns;
Assimilated, subservient.
Pain becomes part of the limbic landscape
inserting itself here and there
like scrubby cacti, succulent and bristly.

Houses of doors slam shut; screen doors sift air
and memories.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainy pain

Empty-like hollow taps
against the window raps
like your empty
hollow words
and my flickering faith.
Finding you farther away,
because, after all
it is you-
whom u betray.

Rain can hide tears
It can blur lines
But it can't wash
Away the pain.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lune of a loon

five three five
such strict rules, i fear
i will falter

so simple yet
rules are made for breaking
rebel am i

without a cause
or even a clue, actually
what about it?

syllables or words
shall it be a kelly
or a collum?