Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and that

Black and White.
More than a color
It is a rite, right?
You can't have one
without the other.

Black needs white
to show the light,
White needs black
to add some back.
Shadow needs light;
as weakness needs might,
blinded by sight
Today and tonight
wrong versus right.

Age old struggle
Pure witch,
or a muggle?
And any calm is
always in trouble.
It's either, neither
never nor;
plain or peanut,
have less or has more.
Out on the water,
or maybe ashore
up or down
window or door-
the yang or the ying
be silent or sing.
Happy,sad,mad or glad;
be good or be bad
for mom or for dad.
Age old youth
more lies or the truth.
Sun and the moon
endlessly soon
wet or dry
straight or high
eager with dread
alive or dead
beginnings of endings
together alone.


Gretchen Leary said...

"And any calm is always in trouble" - loved this line

Brian Miller said...

witch or muggle...you had me on diagon alley...smiles...i would like to think there are elements of each that add to life...thus the balance between the two...and i think they help us appreciate the other...

Frank Watson said...

Life is a song
That's colored along
In yin and yang

Anonymous said...

There is some delicious word-play here.

the walking man said...

LOVE the running contrasts almost presented as choices that must be made as they are read. As for the end *shrug* whatever or whichever.

dragyonfly said...

I sort of ran out of steam at the end and also my laptop was about to die so I had to hurry up. Funny you should point that out. It was getting a bit seussian anywho Thanks

dragyonfly said...

Thanks. It was fun

dragyonfly said...

Mine is always suspect. Thank you.

dragyonfly said...

Thank u master miller. For the comment and this site.

dragyonfly said...

It's yin? Not ying???? Oh crap lol

victoria said...

Great reflection on contrasts...we can't have one without the other. I wrote a poem once "Darkness is Only a Degree of Light."

lucychili said...

yes we are caught
in binary thinking
or not =)

Susie Clevenger said...

Age old struggle Pure witch, or a muggle? love that.

Beth Winter said...

It is a paradox, isn't it? Both must exist yet each is devoid of the other. Nice