Wednesday, February 20, 2013

songs at dusk (old man river)

His voice floats
out to the water
out to the river
sung deeply down
in baritone
rich like the roots-
and darkly mysterious

sung over their heads
but meant for the water
that big old muddy
his song so loved
he sang it over again
and again, every year.

And at the end of the day
the crowd swells
and sway
they don't even know
what he's singing about
they are happy just to
drink and shout
for him to sing
it again and again,
and its as if
no one even sees
the orchestra there.

And the irony is lost
upon the people who
insist he sing

the old man river song
over and over again,
because he will
and because
it seems to mean something...

In Memory of James Hyter voice of Old Man River For Open Link Night



Tracy Kuhn Greenlee said...

the mysteries of song and where they come from...words and music touching the soul, maybe this is what we are made up of...thank you for your honesty.

Brian Miller said...

ah but i could sit on his banks and listen for a while and be content...smiles...he does sing so beautifully you know....smiles.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written, Deb. I especially liked:
"they don't even
know what he is singing about
they just drink and shout"

That just speaks so clearly of the way we hardly pay attention ot anything any more.

lucychili said...