Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neelix the Husky

Faithful friend
of fifteen years
forgive me
as I plot and plan
your demise
on Friday after five

for that is the time
the death dealer comes
with his big black bag
of syringes and sedation
and a big hot helping
of potassium chloride
to stop your
big teddy bear heart

no more fur flying
surprise piss puddles
nor piles of poop
nobody to patrol the perimeter
pacing and waiting on bacon

In doggie heaven there is
always bacon and ice cream
Bo will be there with his stick
waiting to get you back
and you can both run
like the wind
without the pain.


Sabio Lantz said...

Ahhh, I just down my 17 year-old buddy 3 wks ago. Still sad. People tell me I waited too long -- and it sounds like similar reason. Best wishes.

Brian Miller said...

breaking my heart....there comes a time though when it just makes sense and you dont want them to live on in pain....

Victoria said...

This made me cry. I still hurt thinking of our dogs that we've had to help out of their suffering. They let you know when it's time. I'll be thinking of you and Neelix. Now I'll go hug my two pups. And let yourself grieve however you want. I wail.

dragyonfly said...

My heartfelt condolences for you. I only hope I can go through with it. He suffers one day and acts like he is 2 years old the next day. But he is determined to stay on the earth and I feel like a traitor.

dragyonfly said...

I keep thinking I will know when it's the right time but ?? I waffle. Thank you for your kind words.

dragyonfly said...

Thank you Brian for your thoughts and kind words. I am not comfortable with the planning scheduling thing. I've never had a dog live to old age.

green-bean said...

This made me cry and realize how much he meant to me.

dragyonfly said...

Aw. Sweet old guy.

Suzy said...

Oh that's so sad. This reminded me of the sadness I felt when I lost my dogs and guinea pigs. I'm sorry for your loss.

Sabio Lantz said...

I've got to say, having had many dogs over the years, when they die on their own, I feel much less guilty than when I put them down. But I am never sure what the dogs would ask for? As for me, I'd want to be put down early by someone who could shoulder the guilt for me. But heck, I ain't a dog, and they are far less self-pitying, I'd imagine.

Again, best wishes on your timing and choice.

Anonymous said...
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Julia Chiang said...

so sad...wishing you the best.