Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Heart like a Texas tumbleweed
traveling, tachycardic through towns of ghosts
destination unknown.
Gathering speed and dusty lust...
Turning. Seeking.
Rolling on.
Passing by a burning bush
bouncing upon rutted roads
of long ago love.
Forward moving and always
with a fickle wind behind.

Which way will the wind blow today?


Just a short little verse today for

Trying to break out of my writer's block...the topic for  Open Link Night..


Brian Miller said...

smiles..i have a heart like a tumbleweed as well..always wanting to go...and yet knowing enough to stay...smiles.

Mystic_Mom said...

I can relate, and I liked how this read. Well done!

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Brian! That's because you are smart.

dragyonfly said...

ThamkYou mystic mom.