Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The symphony of renewal
begins again on time
greens creep in
we blindly watch
not seeing what we sense;
primal green so dense
so lush the branches sag
the familiar weight of leaves.

The grand reunion orgy starts
and the birds join in,
the bees join in
the earth joins in
and the sky joins in
pouring down the wetness
that keeps the greening coming.


Victoria said...

Gorgeous photo and word images. Yes this is a time for green to reign.

Laura Rogers said...

This makes me pine for spring.Here in Minnesota it is Minnesnowda!! Great poem on spring.

Linda Rogers said...

Nice word play on the signs of spring. Rain is so important in the creation of beauty that comes from spring...

Brian Miller said...

ha. i like...kinda like th wild rumpus there in the second part...and i am all for the greening of the earth....

nissa_loves_cats said...

So nice to read something about spring. I thought it wasn't coming.

aka_andrea said...

great photo and your words really speak to the image. love how all things are connected and simply come back to the roots digging deep into the earth