Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memoirs of Memory

Holes in the place where only gyri were before.
Gyri and sulci,; pons, oblongata.
Blacked out spaces with no neural ganglia
only memory footprints, echos and hollow.

A longing to let go,  let it go
lingering longingly to recall
but not really knowing what
went wrong or when.

Or even what it was to be recalled
if anything at all.


Brian Miller said...

there is a feeling of weightlessness in your verse...without the anchor of memory...of just kinda floating there...

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Brian I was hoping to convey that very thing!

TALON said...

Oh, but this makes my heart ache...

"A longing to let go, let it go..."


Montagone said...

This has been really well written. I like how you use words.

I've been reading a number of things from your blog, have been following you for a while, and wondered if you might check out my blog.

Hope Golestany said...

Very nice :)