Tuesday, July 9, 2013


at the strangeness
of the world-
 the pursuit of
sanity is
like grabbing at water
you think you have it
but you really don't
only a residue
a wetness
i frequently find myself
 in the company of the mad
yet i do not struggle and 
 understand the ranting
the need for understanding
as i find myself rather...

i read somewhere
the center can not hold
that the bees are maniacs.


Brian Miller said...

ah the bees have to be mad to believe those little wings will hold them...but they do...smiles...i like being in the company of the mad...at least i feel understood...smiles.

Sheila said...

oh, those worker bees - they never stop...no wonder they are all mad. I've decided to be the queen bee for awhile - haha! Misunderstood? Yeah, I get that. (:

dragyonfly said...

Thanks Bri and Shelia!! Shelia...if you are the Queen, then you have all those Kang bees buzzin round your hive.