Wednesday, October 23, 2013

running away weather

Another season comes chilly
sullen morning air
freezing at your mouth
like frosting on your lips
Tastes like running away weather.
backdrop colored in
orange and gold and red;
a blinding autumn sun
low on the horizon.
Feels like running away weather
it seems like the end of something
or maybe it's the beginning
wood fires burn distant
over crystal glowing hills
Smells like running away weather. 
short fast days and long slow nights;
cold silver moon stands watch
at the fall
and rise of restless sun.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Flight over fields of fiddleweed
bumbleflowers and jackabells
Zigging and zagging in their
ever evasive aerial errands,
erratic distraction for those
seeking the secretly seeping
and hidden honey hives.


 She looked over the edge and was shocked to see a vast sea of in situ and empty of viscera. No substance nor safe haven. Just more empty space. Forever into infinity. Endlessly falling and tumbling over that edge. Crushed in spirit and heart, she drew back.
She had hoped for rescue, but now she knew it was a dream and falling was her option her, and she knew she had invested too much in hope, yet she would make that mistake over and over. 


Plump Pumpkin

O! Plump Pumpkin...slumped over on the stoop
slowly rotting-now forgotten, we were never really friends.
You know your lot in life, ever evil-with triangular eye
you sit quietly peering at the imps who came for candy
and wonder at your former orangeness
still grinning and grinning saw toothed and oozing
as the leaves fall
and the wind shifts.